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engulfed in gloom

surrounded by doubt

whirling in limbo

I’m here, there

I’m not sure where

alone with in a crowd of thoughts

puzzling the equation of life

knowing only, what I know

a state of mental unrest

tick. . . tock . . . tick. . . tock


the shit, the shit

done hit the fan

landing where it may

step back


only me is who can  judge me

my world in High Def

a bitter-sweet taste on my tongue

spitting these lyrical hostilities

these are

my muster seeds thoughts

fore playing at masturbating

in full robust, flavor

an orgasm of disappointment

©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 02/20/14

I’m working somethings out. My poems are reflecting those quandaries.

10 Responses to “Climatic”

  1. readinpleasure Says:

    Powerful, Kim. Language and content. The last lines are particularly telling. :-) Reminds me of how my pastor describes Luke-warm Christianity. He calls it spiritual masturbation! :-)

    Stay well dear friend :-)

  2. RoSy Says:

    Talk about emotions & feelings.

    Thinking good thoughts & sending happy good vibes your way…Prayers too – of course.

  3. Al Says:

    I hope you get through these relatively unscathed, Kim

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