My Color is Purple

Published February 20, 2014 by silentlyheardonce
Crayola Image on Google

Crayola Image on Google

Red was my first favorite color. It was bold, vibrant and stood out. In my box of eight fat crayons I choose the red. I colored red hair, red trees, red grass and even red houses. I wanted red shoes and a red dress but mom said little girls don’t wear red or black for that matter. I would have to wait until I was sixteen. Why I wondered, so I asked. Because they attract men, they are for fast and loose girls. So red wasn’t my favorite color any more.

Green was nice, but not nice enough. I heard it was the color of envy. Yellow, yellow kiss a fellow. Yellow looked like pee and that just couldn’t be the color for me. Blue was a dominate hue. I liked blue but so did my sister too. Orange I did consider but really it was almost like red. It was a bit too bold that orange was. How about brown or black? No, they were ugly what did I know I was but five going on six.

Purple bold, dark and the color of royalty, yes purple will be my favorite color. I got a purple dress and my aunt told me purple was my color. Purple was nice but pink was pew-cky. I got a box of sixty-four crayons and inside I found periwinkle. I found the best color of them all and hid my periwinkle crayon so no one would use it up. I still love my purple and I let pink hang out with it now and then.


Purple is a subdue color, soft and unassuming. Quiet, gentle and hides in the shadow. Growing up I had a purple personality. Sweet, quiet and bashful was I.  I wonder if I grew up with red as my favorite color would I have been bold, loud and strong. I became loud, bold and a bit mean when I was in my teens. I was even disrespectful as teens can be. When I matured I was subdue, private and respectful. I was dependable and helpful. I was periwinkle soft and unique. I stayed away from red my whole life. I think I was afraid of it.

Now as the clock ticks to the midnight hour I kind of like my deep dark purple. I like the secret allure even though I tell of my pass demons and horrors. Did I really live a red life pretending it was purple? I wore black all the time still do, grey and brown too, I’m a New Yorker that’s what color we wear. I wear purple often but I hardly ever wear red. I don’t buy red clothes and I didn’t wear red until I was in my forties. I wonder if I could be a red person, bold and vibrant with attracting powers.

 I embellished this story a bit

© Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 02/20/14


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25 comments on “My Color is Purple

  • When I was doing art at school my teacher told me every picture should contain some red and some purple or mauve, even if only a few dots. Perhaps your interest in these colours comes from your artistic side.

  • Ahhh, a fellow periwinkle lover–that was my fave too! I colored everything with it. Interesting, the phases of life that go with which color. I did black for a long time, and looked striking in it. Now I’m fat and frumpy (and unashamed) and mostly wear “blah” (faded out blues, gray, some kinda brown).

  • I love purple, too, Kim, and I wear it, along with blacks, browns, blues (jeans) and red mainly around Christmas time, Valentine’s Day and Fourth of July! :) I enjoyed this post and am still on my blog break, but wanted to pop in!

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