Bread Crumbs

Published February 21, 2014 by silentlyheardonce
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I travel my own pace

along this solitary journey

bearing my burdens

as my faith is tested

I trust like Job the patient one

seeking to embrace

the reward of everlasting

on my knees I kneel

submitting my righteousness

I travel across the blazing desert

and sip the grapes of divinity

and baptized in the crystal waters

of the Euphrates

I explore the mount of Calvary

hauling the liability of my transgressions

the absolution for my mortal weakness

my vulnerability exposed

trails of my existence tainted with sorrow

a choir of angels sing

for the gates of heaven to open

and accept a sinner like me.

©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 02/19/14

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14 comments on “Bread Crumbs

  • Kim, this is truly beautiful, well written and the flow is there. I must admit that I find poetry hard to understand and impossible to write (I don’t truly know why?); but I found your piece easily readable and I understood it! It is so heartfelt and impressive. You have an amazing talent. For me to ‘get’ a poem, that say’s a lot about you :)

    I just want to comment on your blog design – it’s really pretty. Have a lovely weekend :)

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