“Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.”

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A couple of nights ago I was scrolling on twitter when I ran across a well-known person’s post that said:


“Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.”


I didn’t respond but the words kept stirring and mixing in my head. Then it dawned on me, what scale measures the perimeters and degrees of smartness, excuse me intelligence? Is it the years of education you accumulate and the letters placed behind your name? Is it the years of living and accumulating experience that makes on wise? I do have a few years of accumulated experiences that I believe I makes me adept in a wide range of subjects.  However there are no letters behind my name, yet I can hold a conversation with those with higher degrees of learning. I can also speak with someone with no more than a third grade education and learn something.


I saw this video of this young man  about six years old. He was at a restaurant having breakfast with his mother and was curious about a homeless man he saw. After his mother explained the man situation  he asked his mother to feed the man. This young boy taught all the diners a lesson of caring, thoughtfulness and compassion. Did I learn something from this child? Yes. Would I be surrounded by him? Yes. Check out the film and see what he did to amaze the other patrons and let me know what you learned.



Isn’t everyone smarter at something you are not? Don’t we all have field of expertise? Do we all not have a purpose? If we judge each other according to what they can provide us with we may lose an opportunity to grow if we over look people because we believe they have nothing to offer us. If we take people at face value and judge them by the letters behind their name we may be wasting our time because they may not have anything to offer us. If we over look the person who doesn’t speak the King’s language we may miss a precious jewel. If we shun a person who has nothing we may find ourselves empty some day.

This person has made statements like surround yourself with people who can elevate you, people who have more than you. Isn’t that limiting your scoop of growth? Is that stoking your ego? You are assuming those who are smarter, richer or in a better position than you will allow you to surround them, that they are the only ones that can enlighten you.  I disagree and it doesn’t matter because I am not one you would surround yourself with.

I am no greater than any being that breaths on earth and no one is greater than me. I am a humble being destine to find the me, inside of me and free her to shine my light upon the world. Shouldn’t that be what we all aspire to do? To elevate each other not shun those we deem beneath us. That’s what made that statement linger in my head.

I Want To Play With Her

Published May 22, 2015 by silentlyheardonce



The following is an expert from Chapter Two of Hidden Temptation by Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria January 25, 2015 ©Library of Congress1-2085948171



Wilhelm’s smiles drops he squints his eyes and cocks his head slightly to the side and asks, “I beg your pardon?”



She walks out the room toward her desk. She has a gentle wiggle in her stride that causes Wilhelm’s penis to twitch. Instinctively he wants to reach and scratch but he was raised better. He realizes she’s going to be a challenge and he’s up to it. He doesn’t care who he seduces, well not just any woman, there are plenty on the second floor he wouldn’t touch with rubber gloves. But this loveliness, he will wine and dine until she can no longer resist. He will guard his heart carefully, she is irresistible, he can easily get caught up and that is definitely not in his plans.


She sits behind her desk and looks him straight in the eyes, “I don’t play games and I don’t have time for bull shit,” she tells him.



“Okay,” he says with renewed determination. “What’s wrong with single men?” A beautiful woman with issues, attitude and sexiness is magnetic Wilhelm thought.



“You’re like puppies, you . . . you get too attached and can’t be house broken.” She bunches up her shoulders and shivers her body as if she feels a chill.
Wilhelm laughs, “I’m house broken, and I’m not looking for a commitment, just a nice meal and some fun. That’s it.”



Odette looks at him, he does look good but not worth the risk. She goes back to stuffing envelopes. Both her motto, and ring tone comes from Rick James and Teena Marie, ‘use and abuse, love them and leave them.’ She had no plans of letting any man turn on the fire. All she wants is the pleasure and none of the pain that comes with relationships. “I’m sorry, it ain’t happening.”


Is he trying too hard? Is she too cold? Is she playing hard to get? Will they go out on a date? Will her sisters get involved?



Tell me what you think then find out what is going on when Hidden Temptation is up for sale.

How Can U Hide From Love?

Published May 20, 2015 by silentlyheardonce

Is it possible?  Can anyone succeed?  Especially my protagonist in Hidden Temptation?


Odette is beautiful and the woman she displays is elegant, confident and self reliant.  Is that the real her? Does she have issues that are deep rooted in her past?  Would you like to know?  Keep an eye out for Hidden Temptation to be released soon.


The following is an expert from Chapter One of  Hidden Temptation by Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria  January 25, 2015 ©Library of Congress1-2085948171


He yells, “bitch” and smacked her face causing her eye to turn red and swell. The coach and a few of his teammates ran over and pulled him off.
When Odette arrived home her sister Lynette saw her eye and the marks on her neck. She asked Odette where Thurman was. Lynette called Jeanette, their oldest sister.

Jeanette had just moved into her first studio apartment. She jumped into her old her orange pinto. She picked up her Lynette and Odette. The three of them went to the high school. Lynette had a baseball bat and Jeanette had a master lock tied in a tube sock.

The sisters stormed into the gym, sees Thurman drinking water with the rest of his team. Lynette and Jeanette walked up to Thurman and ignored Odette’s pleas for them not to. Odette huddled behind a pillar and peeked into the gym while Lynette walked right up to Thurman and slammed the bat into his legs made him fall to the floor. He screamed and Lynette stepped back and Jeanette smashed the sock across his face before the rest of the team responded. A few of the players grabbed Jeanette and pulled her away before she could land another blow with the sock. Lynette bent down and got real close to Thurman’s face and said. “Stay away from my sister or you will end up in the Jamaica Bay marshes.” Odette hasn’t had a boyfriend since.


More to follow as nearing publishing date.

Paperback is Available Again

Published May 12, 2015 by silentlyheardonce

3D PROMO for Kim


The paper back copy of Pages of Pain is available again.  It is immediately available in the United States and it may take up to 8 day to be available in Europe.  I’m also working on making it available through Barnes and Noble’s Nook.  By the time I finish with my novel “Hidden Temptation”  I will be adept in getting it published.


Please don’t forget today is the last day that Pages of Pain is available free on kindle.

Last Day

Published May 12, 2015 by silentlyheardonce

3D PROMO for KimBefore I go back to editing my fiction novel for the fifth and hopefully last time, I’m taking a break to remind you that my first book of poetry Pages of Pain is being offered free on Kindle and today is the last day it will be free.  If you take advantage would you take a minute and leave a review. I would appreciate that.  The paper pack should be available in a few days.

Thanks to those who have and support me and my writing. Pages of Pain get it free here.

Pages of Pain

Published May 10, 2015 by silentlyheardonce

3D PROMO for Kim

Just wanted to let you know that the kindle edition of Page of Pain is free from May 10, 2015 to May 12, 2015 in honor of Mother’s day.

The paperback isn’t available at this time. A friend didn’t like my cover and did it over for me.  It will take a few more days until I get the proof.




Please feel free to visit Lesley Fletcher @ Inspiration Import  This is her amazing art work.  She is also a fabulous poet.


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