Fed Up with the Bull

Published April 28, 2015 by silentlyheardonce

Tell me how looting and attacking the police is going to solve the problem of police brutality?

As I see it the only ones who will get anything out of this violence is the funeral directors, the casket builders and the grave diggers. The cops will have an unfair trail and get a slap on a wrist or a pardon.

We have marched for 50 years. We marched for the right to sit in the front of the bus. But we are so programmed we still go to the back.

We marched for the right to vote but we choose not to vote and complain when councilman, assemblymen, senator, governor or president don’t do the job we voted them to do. We have power in our vote. So get out and vote the corrupt, stealing lying do nothing bums out of office. You don’t have the right to complain if you can’t take the time to vote.

We marched for fair and equal education. We have doctors, lawyers, teachers and entrepreneurs. This tells me we have intelligent folks among us. So why are these young people out there throwing rocks and garbage cans at the police? What will it accomplish?


Why can’t we create a panel of lawyers that are license in every state and send a team to these areas that have these incidents with the police? If the police in your area keep getting away with abuse then it must have to do with the public officials we voted for. Vote them out!!! These are our communities we shouldn’t have to defend ourselves. It’s our communities we have to do the work to make it right for our parents, children and ourselves.



A Quick Visit

Published April 19, 2015 by silentlyheardonce

Greetings my fellow bloggers.  I miss you guys so very much and I hope to rejoin the world of blogging soon.  After my surgery it was taking too long to recover.  I was working on my novel still editing but I was exhausted all the time.  I had to use oxygen 24/7.  Finally a few weeks ago I learned that I was in a lupus flare and have to get back on steroid and immunosuppressants. Turns out any stress to my body could catapult me into a flare.  Lung surgery was major. So I spend most of my time sleeping and watching TV and wishing I could sit at the computer longer.

I’m stopping by today to let you guys know I published a collection of poems on Kindle.  pages of pain coverPages of Pain

I’m not too adept the computer so it will be a few days before the cover is inserted.  Thanks in advance for your purchase.

The Ancient One

Published January 28, 2015 by silentlyheardonce

It wasn’t his razor sharp tuxedo with long tails or the starched white shirt with the high collar or the perfect black bow tie that made him look out of place. Nor was it his leathery raisin color skin or his cottony hair. There was an air of grace, of divinity about him. He stood with his back straight, his hands at his sides and his chest raised high with elegance. When his eyes, dark with age and wisdom  looked at each person he saw beyond their faces and into their characters, into their hearts, deep down into their souls. The man was called the Ancient One.


The room he stood in was filled with people of many nationality, religions and backgrounds walking together in peace. On one side of the room mirrors lined the walls giving the illusion of depth. The mirrors also revealed the reflections of each person’s true self. On the other side the wall, as well as on the ceiling and the floor was an ever changing mural. There would be trees along the wall and grass beneath their feet and animals that scampered in the woods. Sometimes the animals were so close the people could almost touch them. The oceans rolled on the wall and rocking currents were under their feet where great whales, dolphins, turtles and other sea life swam. They could taste the spray of salt as the great waves crashed on the jetties. There were parks where children played. There were tall buildings with concrete walks. Mighty mountains covered in snow so cold that goose bumps crawled along their flesh. The wall would change into a jungle where lions, gazelles and rhinoceros grazed and hunted. There were high bushes with snakes, rabbits and other crawly creatures roaming. The jungles were so hot that the skin of the people became moist with perspiration.


There were faces laughing, faces screaming, faces suffering and faces dying. The ceiling would become bright blue sprinkled with downy clouds and birds soaring free. The sun would fill the room with warm light and the whispers of nature could be heard. In a flash the clouds would turn dark and menacing and lightening would flare. The ceiling would shimmer with water that trickling down the walls and pool under their feet. Thunder would roar and the people would cringe. The wind whipped and slapped their skin. Then just as quick the room would turn a deep, dark purple and different phase of the moon would glow and the stars would peek and wink. Crickets would be singing, coyotes howling and owls hooting.
No one sat for there were no chairs, nor tables. No one danced for the only sounds came from the scenes on the ceiling. Opposite from where the Ancient One stood were two tall golden pillars leading to a staircase that disappeared down into a smoky grey mist. People were quietly climbing up from this mist to enter the room where the Ancient One stood.


As people approached the Ancient One they would begin to bow before him but he would lift his hand and they remained standing. Without a word spoken they would begin to weep. They would weep tears of remembrance. The tears once shed by their mothers at birth, tears of their turbulent youth, and tears of their toiling and struggling to survive outside of the house of Eden. Tears fell for the pains they inflicted and the pains they felt. They cried for the sins they witnessed and the sins that they, themselves had performed before humanity. They cried for the hatred, the jealousy and suffering of living in the flesh.


After each person that stood and cried with the Ancient One they would put their hands over their heavy hearts. They would bow their heads and wait for forgiveness for no man is without sin, without regret or sorrow. Yet each is worthy of forgiveness if they allow themselves to purge their wickedness.
Behind the Ancient One was a room engulfed in a beckoning light. No humble soul was denied and when the Ancient One smiled the pains of mortal life vanished and they each walk into the light and found the paradise they were promised.



©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria 1/28/15

Cleaning House for 2015

Published December 30, 2014 by silentlyheardonce


for me, it’s not a wise solution

to make a list, of jilted resolutions

that will be broken, before the rising sun

and fail, before the day is even done

None the less, I must start to prepare

for the dreams and possibilities for the year

a time to analyze my spiritual inventory

to review the good and bad of my life story

and perform a cleansing of my mind

that will be complete, gentle and kind

dusting off my thoughts of inspiration

vacuum my stairs of determination

pack up my precious memories for safe keeping

and remember that my delicate heart needs a sweeping

as well as tender care, and sweet words spoken

to mend the places that’s been abused, hurt and broken

each tear will puddle together to soak away the pain

smiles hanging on the walls  will keep me sane

once I have taken that extra special care

to ensure everything is ready for the year

I will gather trinkets and stones of thought

love, peace and happiness will be sought

I will don an armor forged of tender care, love and purity

and wield the swords of daily prayers and no obscurity

comfortably I will sit to feast on illuminating nourishment

that will satisfy my year and taste for the Divine supplement

©Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria December 29, 2013

Another replay from last year.  I know lazy, lazy, lazy.

I just want to wish all  you lovely folks in blog land a hopeful and positive Two Thousand and Fifteen.  May your days of darkness light up in this coming year. Cherish every moment because in a blink we will be ringing in another.  Be kind to yourself and to those whose lives you touch in your travels through living.

Blessings and Hugs to all.

Invitation to the Elite Party

Published December 29, 2014 by silentlyheardonce

Last year I wrote this poem before Christmas for Bloggers for Peace.  It’s one of my favorite poems. I hope it become one of yours. Click here if you want to see the original.

Peace is always first to arrive

with an ambrosia, rich in flavor

Compassion offers a hypnotic bouquet

while Sunshine with her mate Moonlight

works the crowd, spreading enlightenment

every guest greets Loneliness

and makes him comfortable with joy

kisses and hugs sprinkled with smiles are served

with an over flowing bounty of encouragement

so rich and plentiful that we over eat

and become full with hope

we danced with dreams

and become drunk with laughter

we party like it’s before time

when there was only darkness

and light shone everywhere

when love was a natural emotion

hate, envy and ego dared not to crash

But if by chance they pass security

they hovered in corners

until they too, are overcome by Passion

When Handel arrives

He plays the Messiah

Welcoming our Honor guest

Buddha, Jehovah, Abraham, Moses and Elijah

And of course the boys show up

Peter, Andrew, James, John, Philip and Bartholomew

Matthew, Thomas, James and Simon came along too.

Judea Thaddeus arrive with the trader Judea Iscariot

He was truly forgiven and thoughtfully invited

grateful he was and found a quiet place to sit.

All gathered in prayer and hope

and was dancing the dance of dreams

abstract Angel

Watching as Gandhi and Mother Teresa arrive

Kennedy, Lennon, Martin and Malcolm eased their way in

All anxious to dance with Princess Diana

Everyone is ecstatic and excited with jubilation

To welcome our new arrival

Nelson Mandela.

When he steps over the threshold the partying really kicked up

They boogie so hard they shake the earth

Spreading their cheer and goodness

Calling our beloved ancestors near and far to gather

As they congregate, they weep

Weeping for each of us and our living souls

By then the vibe is euphoric

our hearts are warmed with passion

We celebrate and spread His message

the Prince of Peace

the Master of love

Walking the red carpet

our sweet Lord Jesus with His beloved Mother Mary

love and peace is the theme at this

Merry Christmas Party.

Kimberly Wilhelmina Floria © December 17, 2013

I was recovering well from my surgery and was pain-free for Christmas and a few days before.  I took presents to my grand kids on Christmas Eve. The gifts were in a shopping cart. Not heavy but still I wouldn’t lift it.  My grandson was pulling the cart up the steps and almost lost his footing so I grabbed  the cart to steady him.  I didn’t feel anything then but Christmas night the pain returned with a vengeance. So I’m back to spending my time taking it easy.The pain has my thoughts mumbled and I’m not too coherent not to mention the pain killers I started taking again.


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