Boys to …A…ER….Bigger Boys

It really ain’t like that. I’m sorry. But we know our men can act like big babies sometimes. They want so much attention from us, some of them even get jealous if give the babies too much attention. They play the video games, watch the sports for hours. Then when they finish amusing themselves, they seek the woman to play house under the covers.

Now men of power play games that are spiked with adrenaline and fueled by testosterone. They end up having a pissing contest to ascertain who is boss. They start wars while they hide in heavily armed compounds, commanding on a red phone, while watching the action via Skpe. They send our youth out to play soldiers. Mothers lose their sons, wives their husbands. After many die, they call off the war and try to move in on the enemy and take control of their land. Look at the history it’s been done over and over. They go exploring and discover inhabited lands and take over. Went to Africa and stole the people and made them slaves. Came to America and hoodwinked the Indians. Went to the planet Pandora and to mine Unobtanium, oh that was the Avatar Movie. But hey I can see the earth people going to another planet and taking it over. This isn’t a male bashing forum, so if you can get pass the following poem I may offer some compliments and praises.

Wet Dreams

Barbaric savages,
devouring pigs,
supercilious tyrants,
sucking the riches from nature’s nation,
earthly malfunctions
the cost of greed.

Delusions of grandiose
stroking inferior penis
masturbating with ostentatious fantasies,
victimize pacifist
who are intimidated,
by the bloodshed of the innocent,
righteous souls.

Who outlaw Pray in school,
Pray for peace
and engage in war
climatic satisfaction.
The power of Viagra

I am a woman and I see men with woman eyes. There are men that behave uncaring and without thoughtfulness. There are woman that act just the same, self centered. Men know what excites woman, turn us on. Like tomorrow February 14. If they can’t buy their lady a nice piece of jewelry, he can get a card, some flowers or chocolate of all of it, and if you’re one of those men that has a woman supporting you, then find some paper a pen and write a love letter. If can’t find the words, go on Google and find some love poems and copy one that fits. Don’t copy, paste and print, write in your handwriting. Better yet memorize it and recite over candle light dinner. Oh my how sweet that would be.

The majority of the men I know are good men. They stand by their women, they help raise the children. I know good men that cook, clean, wash clothes and goes food shopping. That was my ex; he was good that way, if he didn’t abused drugs it might have worked.
Like I mentioned in my last post “From Virgin to Bitch and All in between,

You can tell if the man’s momma was good to him by the way he treats his woman. I remember when I was in my twenties and this woman in the PTA use to run home so she could lay out her husband’s clothes for work in the afternoons. He would come home around two in the morning and she would get her kids up so they could all eat dinner together. At 2 am I said. She was crazy. His momma did that for him and his wife kept it up. Ladies you cripple your sons if you do everything for him. I know you want that lazy ass bum son of yours to move out when he get old enough. But if you spoil him like I just mentioned, he ain’t going anywhere, trust me. In this century I really doubt if he finds a woman that will lay his clothes out for him, anyway. Hell he’ll be lucky if he finds a woman that will cook him a meal and wash his funky draws. Teach those sons of yours how to take care of themselves.

Boys like girls emulate the men in their lives, and like girls who don’t have fathers, I would imagine it being just as hard for boys. There is so much negativity for them to get into when there is no guidance from a man. There are drugs, gangs, stealing and playing with guns and tragic accidents happen. Boys just as I told the girls in my last blog, don’t father children until you know who you are, until you are ready to be a father, not just a daddy. You need to love your baby momma so you can give that unconditional love to your sons and daughters. The woman can’t save the future alone we need you men too. We have to raise these children together. If the daddy’s ain’t around, get them into karate classes, can’t afford go to the church, school and find programs for you sons. There use to be a program called the big brother and big sisters, look into that. I can’t stress it enough this is our children’s future, make strong men.

As I said, the majorities of men gets up every morning and go to work. They do what they have to, to pay the rent or mortgage and what other bills that need paying. They are considerate of the woman that also gets up every morning with him to go to her job; he will prepare dinner and help the kids with their homework. We the woman appreciate that from our men. If we have to go to work, then come home cook, clean and take care to the kids needs too. What do we need a man for? Oh they got toys for that.

We feel special when you hold the door open for us, or pull the chair out for us to sit. I would love for a man to massage my feet like Bill did on the Cobsy show. You can hold our coats for us, and I think it’s sexy when a man stands in the store and holds his woman’s pocketbook for her.

We like to hear the sweet words of endearment; we are suckers for that shit. I’m not talking about getting it from players, we know sincere from bull shit.
We like men to take charge and protect us. Do the heavy lifting, take the trash out and mop the floor. We are delicate and want to be treated as such.

You want us to treat you and do for you a certain way; we want things from you too. Keep the romance in your relationship with your woman. Take her out for dinner, or bring something in so she doesn’t have to cook. But she will enjoy going out better. She would like to go to a play, movies, a boat ride whatever. You worked hard to get her; you have to work hard to keep her.

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