Whitney Singing in Heaven

In April 1993 the Bodyguard was playing in theaters and Whitney Houston was singing, ‘I will always love you,’ every time I got in the car, it was playing on the radio and my eyes would get misty. Though it was a love song, it affected me much deeper, I was preparing for my mother’s funeral, each world expressed how I felt for my mother, and I was hurting. When Whitney died I played, ‘I will always love you’, and wept. I wept for the lost of my precious mother, I wept for Whitney’s family, for Bobby Brown and for her daughter Bobbi Kristina. I pray that Bobbi finds the comfort to help her with the lost of her mother as her mothers’ voice helped me to this day.
Six days after the announcement of Whitney’s death I am disgusted by the media’s gossiping about her life of drugs her marriage to Bobby Brown and the her daughter’s supposed drug use. It saddens me that everyone thinks they knew what was going on between Bobby Brown and Whitney. Because the media keeps spreading gossip and the public keeps blowing on the flames to keep the fire going.

Hear what Fantasia Barrino has to say http://youtu.be/rxgGFzdgBUA

Everyone blames Bobby for Whitney’s drug use. She was a grown woman when she married him. She knew what she was doing and if you can remember correctly, Bobby went to jail a couple of times and in and out of rehab. I know a little something about getting high and dealing with an addict. It’s not easy getting clean when you are in a relationship with another addict. I know that if one goes into rehab and the other is not, when they come back together the one using will get the one that’s clean high before the clean one get the other sober.

I remember reading once that Whitney’s mom tried to take Bobbi Kristina from them. I also remember her mom trying to get Whitney to go to rehab. It’s only natural that Whitney’s family blame Bobby Brown for her addiction, but we the public don’t know what was going on in their relationship. We saw what they wanted us to see. On ‘Being Bobby Brown’, I saw was a man that loved his wife very much, but he could have been acting, after all it was TV. I saw a woman who seemed to adore her husband, but I also saw a ghetto fabulous woman. I was shocked by that, because until I saw Whitney on that show I held her in high esteem, and believed like everyone else that Bobby was pulling her down. But like I said it was TV and they both could have been acting. We the public don’t know.

Hear what Wendy Williams has to say http://youtu.be/oar7ix92nkI

I heard this morning that Bobby was invited to the funeral and that made me happy. I couldn’t understand how a Christian family could not forgive and allow him to mourn with his daughter’s who lost her mother.

We the public, are on the outside looking in. We are mourning and idol that feels like a friend. Our opinion doesn’t mean a thing. I don’t blame the family for not wanting the public included in the funeral. They know how we feel, many have left flowers, balloon and signed a guest book to express their sympathy and that should be enough for us. For me Whitney isn’t dead, I can go on YouTube and see her anytime I want. Her family on the other hand will never feel her touch, smell her perfume or hear her laughter. They lost a mother, sister, daughter, cousin, niece and ex wife. Let us pray for her soul and let her go on to heaven in peace and allow her family the privacy they deserve. Let’s forget and forgive her earthly struggles and trust that she is now an angel singing for God.

Listen to Aretha, she sent Whitney home in her concert last night.


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  1. Very well said, Kimberly! So easy to get sucked into believing the press–good or bad–and making judgments. Thanks for sharing with us–and my condolences regarding the loss of your mother. God bless you today, and always.

  2. Lovely post, Kimberly! Thanks for this beautiful reflection on Whitney, and how her voice personally inspired you during a difficult time. I hope that Whitney’s family also find the healing that they need when they need it. The artistry of great music, voice, and songwriting carries us through our highs and lows, and comforts us like no other vehicle can.

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