If Tomorrow Was Today

If today was tomorrow we could live in the now and not worry about the mistakes because we could correct them before the tomorrow comes. What a dream, right? We live today, remembering the past and hoping for the future. We waste time scrutinizing a past that cannot be changed. Sometimes we reminiscing about the happier days and feel the swelling tears of memories. Life is forever migrating into an unexplored future, where new wonders are unfolding.

Our existence is short, time briskly passes by. I remember being a child not too long ago. With a smile, I remember my teenage days. Then motherhood had its own tender moments, yet I mastered the test of time and proved I am a strong woman. I am now at juncture in my life where I know how quickly life can fade into the future. Yet I see tomorrow is possible and I can leave those yesterdays sorrows behind.

It is our innocence that gives us our hopes and dreams. This is what makes the Bill Gates, Oprah’s, Steve Jobs and Barrack Obama’s of the world. Dreams that you or I can make a change, it is in our innocence that we know the answers before they become diluted with age. I think as we get older we start taking life on life’s turn, instead of fashioning life to suit our needs. It doesn’t matter who you are if you’re rich, poor life is going to go at you hard you need to be a fighter because if you don’t you’re going to give up and give in. Then you only will be existing.

Life will offer you many gifts; sometimes you may not even recognize them. We need to learn how to step lightly through life. Sometimes you have to take the long way around to get on the right path. Whatever life throws at you, you have to catch, so you can get up to bat and make a home run.
Life is one long question; to researching and acquiring the answers will take a lifetime. As age descends upon us and death grows closer, we learn to appreciate what we once took for granted. We mourn the death of family and friends; we don’t want to say good-bye, when there is so much that left unsaid and undone. Yet life goes on and we must say good-bye to the ones who touched our lives. Therefore we must learn to appreciate time we have with each other.

Leopards may not change their spots, tigers may not change their strips, but the human deserves the benefit of the doubt, one can grown from negative to positive just as one can descend from positive to negative. Just as life is ever changing so are we.

Happy memories are the pills that strengthen the pains of living with incurable stress, a stress that weakens the heart and bruises esteem. We can pack regrets up and drag that weight along with us, or we can store in our minds and pull those regrets out when we
need them to caution us and give us strengthen in the future. We can’t forget, but at least we don’t have to dwell on what was and can’t be changed. We can schedule tomorrow but it is not a commitment, therefore we need to exist for the here and now.