I Want My Winter

I missed my winter. In two weeks we will be turning our clocks forward and the sun will be out longer. I’m feeling cheated, I loved the dark days of winter, the gloom of impending snow. I miss the satisfaction of eating the heavy comfort foods and cuddling under the covers. Lazy cold days relaxing reading a good book, or watching TV. The sound of the radiators banging as the heat comes up.

I don’t understand all the scientific words used to explain this global warming. I do understand, however that because of this warming I didn’t get to enjoy my winter this year. The weather maintained and average of 45 to 55 degree weather. That is not winter. I did see a few 32 degrees and lower but not enough to enjoy. There was just too much sunshine.

Almost everyone was lovin’ this insane change it the atmosphere. I heard, I don’t remember where, probably the news. That it’s the methane gases causing the winter heat. I don’t have to be a Caltech graduate to understand that methane gas is from the fuel we use to heat our homes, drive our cars and run the planes that fly right next to the ozone layer. It’s not natural. If we continue at this rate we will find ourselves in the middle of a science fiction movie. We won’t be able to go outside a man-made doom because of fear of burning up. I wonder if that’s why NASA is trying to see if Mars will be suitable for man. They burned up one planet, hey let’s go get another one.

I remember in high school learning that the earth was tilting on its axle and eventually the north would be warm and the east will be cold. Didn’t I hear that Texas and California had some snow? Did we on the east coast experience an earthquake that started in Virginia, it was a 5.9 magnitude, which rocked all the way to New York, and even people in Ohio felt it, I heard. It even went south to the Carolina’s. I know that there have been quakes in the east before, but to the magnitude? I don’t know. Let’s not forget the tornadoes in the last couple of years.

The glaciers are melting the poor polar bears, penguins and seal and what other animals that live in that environment are suffering. They can’t find food and have to keep migrating. It’s sad. Something has to be done.
I want my four seasons back and most of all I want my winter!

Seasons of Love

New wonders blossom, awaking from a dark cold sleep.
Mating songs travel through gentle winds.
Fragrance of clean fresh air, fill the atmosphere.
Morning dews kissed away by radiant sunrises.
Rain showers, the cleansing tears that fill ponds of hope.
Leaping frogs, robins with their breast swollen in pride.
Butterflies sampling fresh nectar, before the honeybee invasions.
Love labors birth this spring.

Steam sizzling, black top melting.
Blazing sun, Johnny pumps splashing.
Humidity thick, mosquitoes feasting, flies annoying.
Pretty flowers, shading trees, whispering breezes.
Sunset a welcome relief, evening treats.
Crickets singing, fireflies blinking.
Pregnant moon, shooting stars.
Love sweats with passion this summer.

Chilling Goosebumps, blowing wind.
Squirrels forging, sparrows preparing.
Yellow, orange, brown, leaves a falling.
New gear, laughing children full of cheer.
Insects dying, behind clouds the sun is hiding.
Afternoon gloom, evening soon, glowing moon.
Apple picking, stew chicken.
Holding hands, making plans.
Love grows strong with comfort this autumn.

Biting cold, darkness unfold.
Dull sun, banging pipes, whistling wind.
Smoking chimneys, blankets of snow.
Scurrying mice, cat’s delights.
Cream of wheat, warmth the feet.
Ho ho, ho, merry friend or foe.
Cuddling close under Downy fresh quilts.
Love kindles the heat this winter.

This love welcomes the next season that comes.


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