Are We Mad Yet.

I don’t know why I let things affect me. I shouldn’t give a damn, after all me and mine are okay right now. So why should I care that children being killed by other children. Why should it bother me that a woman is going to jail for five years because she wanted her son to have a better education. It bothers me because it’s too close to home. You would think that in the year Two thousand and twelve the human race would have developed and become civilized people, not the rinky, dink selfish sons of bitches they are.
Why can’t we learn how to live by what the preachers and ministers teach? I don’t have to quote the Holy Books to know how to be humble and to how treat my brothers and sisters. I don’t know about your God, but my God teaches love, compassion, hope and fear of his waft if I should disobey the laws. They ain’t hard, love they neighbor, do not steal, kill or bare false witness (lie). He also teaches me to forgive those who trespass against me, by forgiving me. I know forgiving is so hard when I read the morning paper and an eight year old boy is shot while buy chips, for no reason other than being in the wrong place at the wrong time. A kid goes to school and thinks he’s Rambo and shoots up the school cafeteria.
The politicians talking so much shit, I don’t know what’s going on. Its 2012, why are we talking about abortions rights? And there’s question about birth control, whether it should be offered it their insurance package. What about jobs and education? Woman going to have all these babies, they are going to need support. No they’re talking about cutting welfare and medical coverage. But that’s okay make the woman have unwanted babies that they can’t afford. They will grow to be fuck ups and go shoot a school up or just do some drive by shootings on their tricycles. Don’t worry the rich bastards who pay to get what they want, will toss out their new furniture boxes for the homeless to sleep in. They’ll give the old and unwanted provisions to the pantries to feed the poor. Hell the rich may even come and donate their time in the soup kitchen. This way their conscious will be clear.
The all the entertainers will go to Africa to feed, clothe and educate those poor children. In fact they’ll bring a few home, raise them as their own and westernize them. They’ll be good little nigger’s, oh, that’s not nice, excuse me this one time. It doesn’t matter that there are children right here, hungry, uneducated and in need of a family.

We all have the same opportunities but not all of us know how to utilize them. If you live on the wrong side of town you ain’t getting school education, you get, advance ghetto survival skills. Poverty doesn’t discriminate. Racism doesn’t have anything to do with your skin color or nationality. It’s the rich vs. the poor. It’s the have and the have not’s. It’s about who has the survival skills. You either learn how to hustle and make it on the streets or you hustle and learn to get an education to get off the streets.

Something has to change. People have to open their eyes and pretend to be blind so they can hear what is being said. Cry for the hell that is in our back yards and get out there and try to clean up the mess. Dig up the weeds, turn the soil and plant seeds of righteousness. All this poison out here is slowly killing us all quickly. How long before slavery will be back in affect. The rich will buy and sell the poor like yesterday’s rotten fish.

I have to turn off the world for a few days and turn on the TV and let fantasy entertain me.

The following poem was written while Bush was still in office.

The Harbor Whore

Oh harbor whore,
welcoming the weak and weary
to your shores.

no remorse you came,
toting ideas of greed,
and not a bit of shame.

You lifted her gown,
lowered her panties,
and fucked her around.

Christened Miss Liberty,
raised by rapist and thieves,
her lust pimped freely.

She solicited cheap labor,
with intentions to deceive,
you accepted her favor.

You spoke ill of her character,
she’s just a whore,
it didn’t matter.

She educated you well,
and neglected her own,
now her domain has fell.

She pilfered your gold,
and steals your oil,
to the highest bidder it’s sold.

After years of hoodwinking,
her secrets are exposed,
her shit is stinking.

The harbor whore,
outsmart herself,
now losing the financial war.

Her factories are on your land,
to save the mighty US dollar,
but it has gotten out of hand.

Once a great kingdom,
now growing weak
and losing her freedom.


Get your bags packed,
flee from her fast,
don’t look back.


By: K. Wilhelmina Floria

12 thoughts on “Are We Mad Yet.

  1. It takes people getting mad to have action take place. What is wrong with our society in the year 2012 is that we became complacent for too many years with blind folders on. Now life is biting us in the ass. We no longer can be complacent and stand on the sideline. It is time for us to stand up for what we believe in and not be afraid to speak our peace. Those who speak out will be criticized but will also make a difference. It starts here and now. Good for you. We all need to let the world know just how mad we really are and that we are tired of being walked all over. It is time to stand up and lead.

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    This is a question we all should answer. Are We mad Yet??? Silently from the blog” “silentlyheardonce”, asks this question. Her poem “The Harbor Whore” at the end of this article, is magnificent.

  3. Goodness Gracious, GREAT BALLS OF FIRE! I like you mad too. Howdy, Ametia from 3 Chics here. Jueseppi just turned us on to your blog.

    Mercy, where have you been hiding? Thanks for the essay and the poem. Hubby will def appreciate my sharing th poem with him. he’s a poet.

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