A Little Me Time


I need a little time for me and while I’m taking that time I’ll share two poems about me. Everyone stay well.


Why do you think you know me so well?

Ya’ think I’m an open book,

   Full of pages and stories to tell?

Can you look in my eyes and see the tears I cried,

     the misery and sorrow?

My hopes for a better tomorrow.

 Does the reflection of my pain lead you to believe,

   that if I continue to hurt, I’ll go insane.

 I am a poet,

misery and pain,

   are the keys that will open the doors to my fame.

I love to shed tears,

   sweet and salty.

I love to feel the fear,

    the adrenaline rush,

                 like cocaine through my veins.

 I get an orgasmic thrill through mental pain.

 Don’t feed into the illusion, that my persona is sweet.

I’m just another hungry piece of meat.



My mind is clear,


I’m not aware of what is to become of my thoughts,

                         my dreams,

                                my realities,

To please myself.

Make myself who I am.

It’s my life,

  my world,

       to make of it what I want.

What pleases me will move me to my destinies.

I will be knowledge, wisdom and understanding,

   while my son learns to be much more.

It’s about getting in the head of the line,

  to be number one.

I’m going to be who I am


That’s all my mind has to be aware of,


                will control my thoughts