Do You Think You’re Special?

I heard  this joke, you’re so special, your parents must have been retarded.

Have you wonder what makes you special?  Do you think you’re special? Do you wonder what your purpose is? Do we all have a reason for existing? Are we just fillers for the special people? Do we exist so the special people have someone to make them special?

Were the lives of a still born baby or the baby that lived for a few months after birth, insignificant? Ask their parents. Ask the rest of their family, who remembers that child many years later. What about the child who died unexpectedly by a drunk driver.  Was that child’s purpose to bring awareness to drinking and driving? What about the child with a terminal illness that touches so many lives in their short life?  Did his/her short life have purpose? Are these messages, glimpse of divine presence?

John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, J. Edgar Hoover, Gandhi, Hannibal, Shuka Zulu, Hitler to name a few who made it into the history books, they had a purpose in our past, present and future.  Good or bad depends on who you ask.  We all see things in our own way.  Of these men, who I believe to be great and influenced my life, may not be that to you. What is certain is that they are known and had a purpose.

What about the babies I mentioned above?  What was their purpose?  Were they born to bring the parents who were moving apart back together?  Or did they come to teach their family to appreciate life and not to take anything for granted.

The homeless man living in the shadows, picking through garbage, defecating where he can or in his pants, smelling so bad most people shun him. Then there’s that good person who helps him. Gives him a dollar or take him to where he can get a meal, shower and a place to sleep for the night out of the cold.  Is his purpose to make the one who helped him special? Or is his purpose to teach compassion, disgust or humanity?

What about that man who broke into your neighbor’s house? What is his purpose? Is it to give the cops a live target practice their marksmanship techniques?  Is the point to teach the homeowner to secure their locks on the door? Does he inspire the people living in the home to appreciate what is important?  That the TV, wii, money and cell phones  he took, mean nothing compared to the precious, irreplaceable lives that were spared when the robber left.

Sadness and anger fill many of our days; we are sometimes disappointed in ourselves.  Life may not be what we expect.  We witness the happiness that those around us experience and feel envious. Others allow us to see what they want us to see, we don’t see what’s in their heart. Their happiness may be an illusion to which we would like to participate in. We don’t know what trials and tribulations they may be experiencing.  All the power, riches and material gains in the world won’t buy happiness, love or everlasting life. We find this in our hearts, in our faith. First we must make peace with our selves and learn to appreciate who we are and have done in our lives. My high school teacher said to my graduating class, “if you’ve touched one person in your life, you’ve done your job.”  Have you?

Ever heard the saying God don’t make junk.  The terrorist who blew up the Twin Towers, in my opinion they were evil and heartless devils.  But God created them, gave them the life they lived. Even they had a purpose.  For a short time after the destruction there was camaraderie among Americans.  We showed compassion for each other.  We felt the pain, all of us no matter what our ethnic background were. We had a common enemy. We raised our flags and all agreed to go to war to defend our lands. However brief that brotherhood was, it was, therefore, there was a purpose. Once a year we remember that brotherhood, that love we shared for our fellow man. Then life goes on. Fighting among ourselves over healthcare, war, the economy and the laws man has created to govern us with. Rapes, abuse and murders do those who commit such acts have a purpose?

We stand in judgment of each other, believing that our thoughts and opinions are the right one. This will either cause conflict or a heated discussion.  There are always two sides to a story, there is no absolute right or wrong.  Your reality may not be my reality, that doesn’t make us neither wrong nor does it make us both right.  We live life on our own terms, not considering the reason of our existing.  Until at some point we start to look at our lives.  Evaluating and weighing the decision we’ve made or will make over time.  We see things through new eyes, we’ve grown and developed and ask the question. What was my purpose?  Why was I?

Life offers us many gifts, sometimes we don’t recognize them. Take your time and consider every opportunity that presents itself.  Often times you get what you need. Don’t reject what life offers you because its’ not what you want. A fool will live in the past and miss the present that leads to a future. Whatever life throws at you, you need to catch. And make that home run, don’t strike out, but if you do start a new game.

When we were youngsters we had all the answers.  As we grow older and hopefully wiser we learn that life is one long question and it will take a life time to find the answers if there be any.

All of us have an objective no matter how minute and insignificant we may think our existence is. A word, a jester, even a smile may be the turning point to save a life.  A life that is extraordinary and significant, to the lives they touch or maybe even to mankind.

We may not know why we are, but that we are, therefore there is a point to our existence.  I know that I am special because I am, my purpose I don’t know but my life has meaning, and so does yours.

4 thoughts on “Do You Think You’re Special?

  1. Oh, you third paragraph got me. Being a parent of a child who died of SIDS. (Crib death) My only child. He would have been 30 years old this coming September. I STILL miss him. I still cry, if I think about him too long, although not nearly as hard or as long as I use to. Time does make it fade. Wonder what he would have been like, hope he would have been a good person. It is something you never get over, with all the things that have happened to me in life, I would, even now, have gladly let them happen more than once, if my son would have been able to be here now.

    1. I’m sorry I understand. I never lost a child but I lost my mother and watched my sister hurt after her son died of cancer at nine and when the kids around his age graduated HS she talked about it, when any of his friends accomplish anything she feels the lost. My sister-in-law lost a baby to SIDS my daughter and her would of been the same age.

      1. I am sorry for their losses too. It isn’t hard, not at all. Please give them BIG hugs for me. BIG ONES. Losing your mother is not easy, have been through that too. How long ago did you lose your mother?

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