The Church Bus


I believe in God and I believe in His divine supremacy. I say my prayers for myself, family and friends. If I want to hear preaching I will turn on my radio, TV or go to church. So why are people compelled to preach on the city bus.

I went out today. I got on the bus just past the morning rush hour. This gentleman, on the bus asked for everyone’s attention. Everyone turned to look at him. He began to pray for us all. Praying for us all to have a safe journey to and back from our destination. That’s nice, Amen. Why didn’t he leave it at that? No, that wasn’t enough for him. He went on to show how verse he was with the scriptures and began quoting Matthew’s, John, Genesis and Revelations.  He said that the world is in mass destruction and that we are all worshiping different God’s. This was news to me, but I didn’t get into a discussion with this man instead I will voice my opinions here.

We may all study different religions or ways of life. Some of us may not even believe in a higher power or deity. Before I go further, please understand I don’t believe in religion. People get this little fact about me twisted. I like a good sermon like anyone else. But I don’t prescribe to the hypocrisy that church members display. Talking in tongues and quoting the bible, chapters and verses. They show concern for the church members. Then turn around and talk trash about sister this and brother that. So I leave religion to those who need to fellowship with their neighbors.

For me, I am my church. My ways and actions speak for my beliefs. My God is your God, I call him Allah, Jah, Jehovah, Buddha, Elohim and I am. Or any of the other many names we have for the Creator of all life. To me these are the names He gave to His believers so that they will have something real to hold onto. God is omnipotence, the One, Only, and Greatest, the Giver and Taker of life.

Back to the man preaching on the bus, he like many others wants to share the glory he has found. This is his duty as a Christian, yes. Ever heard the saying, you can lead the horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. Here in New York, there are no shortages of churches. In the Ghetto’s were I’ve spent most of my life, you can find a church on just about every corner. Right next to a liquor store, check cashing place and Chinese food take out. I don’t want to judge this man because the bible says not to but after he prayed for us to have a safe journey, he could of offered us the name of his church and invite us if we so choose to hear more preaching this morning. He could stand outside his church and call people in. He could stand on any corner and preached. People could stop and listen. if they want to or walk on.  On the bus we were held hostage to his sermon, whether we believed it or not.

Anyone who traveled on the bus and trains in New York knows you are in for a ride. The traveling can be smooth and easy. Other days you never know.  I traveled on New York mass transit all my life. I traveled back and forth, first to school and then to work.  I’ve been on the trains late at night and early morning coming home from hanging out. I’ve seen people panhandle for food, diapers, for rent money and carfare. Everyone has some kind of gimmick. I remember this couple walking through the trains asking for money to help bury their child. It must have been devastating because two weeks later they were back begging to bury another child, or I wonder if it was the same child. I use to get entertained in the subways. I’ve seen magic shows where doves flew from one end of the train to the other. I’ve seen acrobats fly down the aisle. I’ve heard some really talented singers down there, doing five part harmony and all. Least I forget the folks that sell everything candy, peanuts, toys, electronics (that probably have rocks inside instead of electronics)and of course clothes, whatever you need or want.

I’ve been disabled for three and a half years, so you can say retired.  I take a disability bus when I need to travel or a taxi cab. If I take the city bus it’s just to go a couple of miles away to the store or like this morning to the Post Office.  I think I earned the right to have a quiet, relaxing ride. I left late so I wouldn’t run into the kids who, cuss, fight and disrespect the adults. So why must I go to church on my way to the Post office?

God have mercy and Bless us all.

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  1. Hi–I didn’t know whether to laugh or shake my head at this bus story. Like you, I plan my trips to avoid loud kids of any age. I guess I would have ignored the preaching, thinking I could put up with anything till I got to my destination–but some days I have less tolerance than others. I would like to say one things about the religion/faith issue–one of my fave Bible teachers, Joyce Meyer, frequently says “Jesus didn’t die to give us a religion, but to give us life–both Eternal, and ‘life abundantly’ in the here and now”. And that is the Jesus I know personally. God bless you!

  2. There is a big difference in religion and faith. Faith is what you carry in your heart. Religion is the building..the institute. I don’t think you need the building to have a deep and abiding faith. if we do..I am in trouble. LOL
    Try being good to yourself. Give yourself those treats that make you feel special. As a friend taught me a couple of years ago…by how you treat how others treat us…treat yourself like the wonderful person you are…:) And look for things that bring you joy. Hang in there. and love the poem..

  3. You and the other riders were a captive audience. That person had absolutely no right to harass you and subject you to ANY kind of rant. I’m sure in many he initiated a flight or fight response and flight was not an option. So the options were to tell him to shut up, ask the driver to tell him to shut up, or hold it in.

    It’s not about freedom of religion. If he was exercising his right to free speech, so too could everybody else as they told him please keep the noise down. I think there are rules on the buses concerning disorderly conduct and the driver probably could have been more proactive.

    If this was on an airplane the person would have been arrested at landing.

    I have a good friend who drove a bus in NY. I’ll ask him what he would have done.

    1. The bus drivers usually don’t say anything to people who use public transportation as an open forum. If it’s really inconvenience the bus would signal for the Police to come and escort the person off the bus. Years ago before 911, this guy was on the train bashing the military. Well this vet had enough and when he go to his stop he throw the guy off the train and all you saw was him punching the guy in the mouth.

      1. I asked my bus-driving friend what he would have done in that situation and he responded that it would have “Depended on the mood he was in.”

  4. Why? because humans are compelled by their DNA to attempt to gather in crowds out of a fear of loneliness. They figure if they have everybody into something as they are into that something, say religion, specifically THEIR religion, then they will never be lonely.

      1. You’d have more people listening to you, and more people around you, now if you continue to feel lonely….would depend on if you allow anyone to get inside & close to you. 😉

        1. I share myself but I crave a lot of attention. Did you read my poem- You Can’t Read Me. I posted it a couple of days ago. The following words are me. All my poems are me.

          I am a poet,
          misery and pain,
          are the keys that will open the doors to my fame.

          I love to shed tears,
          sweet and salty.
          Most of your comments go into my spam.

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