A Reflection on Perception

Her name is Pricilla. Her eyes are dark and mysterious. Her hair flows like moonlit water. Her hips are thick, her legs long and shapely. Her arms sway like branches in a delicate breeze. Oh! She can dance. She can dance.

In the mist of her smiling competitors, she gracefully twirled and floated as if in air. Her gold leotards captured the light and released dazzling, glimmering twinkles of radiance. She is the visualization of music. The audience that circled the dancers was captivated.

The music faded and the applause rang through the auditorium. She with her competition bowed. Then she turned to the crowd and with over confidence and said, “I got this.”

The dancers moved back, the judge moved to the center of the crowd. The judge beautiful in her own right, smiles at the crowd then the dancers and announces the second runner up. The winning contestant approaches the judge, smiling with pride, she humbly accepted her prize.

The first runner up was called and again this winner smiled and modestly accepted her prize.
Then Pricilla with over confidence, and her head raised high began to sashay toward the judge. But the judge put her hand up and said, “not you.”

It must be a jest Pricilla thought. No one was more worthy then her to be the winner.

“No joke,” says the judge. It was then that Pricilla smiled her first smile. The judge continued. “It was not until now that you smiled. It was the only charm missing from your dance. A smile would have made your beautiful elegant dance extraordinary.”
Confidence is a wonderful thing but over confidence can be perceived as conceit, and that is ugly. A smile, a simple jester can speak volume of your character.

It’s not hard to do, just turn your lips up and your whole face will glow. A smile is such strong medicine and it doesn’t cost a cent. You don’t even have to open your mouth if you don’t have teeth. A smile will put a nervous person at ease. A smile will turn a frown upside down. A smile will change the mood of depression, anger and a bad day.

Hope I made you smile with my words today.

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