Amputate the Trigger Finger

Few days ago Jueseppi B. at ObamaCrat  post a blog about a Pittsburgh shooting in a psychiatric hospital ward.

I replied to Jueseppi post because I couldn’t understand how a gun was able to get in a physic ward.

He stated. “Until it is made illegal for common everyday people to have guns, there will always be a way to have a gun someplace there should be no guns. Until the punishment for having a gun becomes so severe that it puts the fear of God into people, and they fear losing their freedom and their families by facing LONG prison time, sneaking guns into places like a hospital ward is going to continue. The only way to break stupid Americans against their love for killing one another with guns is to make it a law, you carry, own or discharge a gun that offense is punishable by a long time in prison. Then nobody has to wonder how a gun got where it should not be.

I agree, sever prison time should be given for abusing the second amendment, as stated in the Constitution of the United States of America. A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

I personally don’t like guns. I won’t touch them and get nervous when in the presence of them. In my opinion I believe they should be out law. Guns in the hands of the wrong people is genocide, this is why they are so easily obtainable in the black and Latino neighborhoods. It is a way to eliminate masses of people. Give them guns and let the he niggers and spics kill each other. You know what I’m saying.

Watch the video here

8 year old Armando Bigio was in his neighborhood Bodega with his mother looking for a bag of chips when he was shot in his shoulder. A child is not safe outside even with his mother. He was in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Jueseppi and I agree that guns need to be off the streets and sever jail time given. However I don’t believe that a threat of lost of freedom and separation from family and friends is a strong enough deterrent. I don’t believe these youngsters grasp what prison is. I raised two boys and their friends were always around. They respected me and my house rules, no drugs and no guns permitted.

But the area I lived in, was  like the “Ok Corral”. My boys not just my two, had a reputation of being dangerous. Trust me none of them feared going prison time. They were in their late teens and early 20s’ they did not care.Many of them did end up going to prison, including both my sons. They spent anywhere from 18 months to 7 years on lock down.  These young men had no fear of prison because they saw no future for themselves. I heard some of them say they didn’t believe they were going live to see 30. They had no dreams.

They grew up around drugs, gangs and hustlers. They didn’t see the people who were working hard to buy homes and doing what they could to keep them. I’ve heard these kids say they were going to go and get their ‘gat’ and do this motha’ on the block. I would try to calm them down and tell them it wasn’t worth it. A lot of the times, they heard me. You see a lot of these kids didn’t have anyone in their corner. Some mothers kick their kids out their houses as young as 14. Some were being raised by grandmothers who were unable to care for them. The others were raised by crack and heroin users. A lot of parents just didn’t care. I provided a warm meal and a shelter for many kids on many a nights in the neighborhood.

Today my sons and the young men they hung with are in their 30’s and most of them have no intention of going back to prison. I thank God everyday that my sons are making strides to better their lives. I tried to instill values that they didn’t understand back when they were younger but today my oldest is about to be a license plumber and my youngest son is working on becoming a drug counselor. They will make it but unfortunately some of their former acquaintances have been adopted by the streets.

Going to prison gave some of gives some of these kids stability. They get 3 meals a day. They have a place to sleep, TV, telephone and recreation.  I’m no saying it’s easy. Yea they ‘re going to  have to watch their backs but usually they end up with somebody from the neighborhood. I’m not saying it’s a party but until they get up state they think it’s just like the street. But when they end up with 3 to 7 year bid in maximum security. Their views change, quick.

Here is a prime example of the lack of fear of going to jail.  He’s a hero to the Latin King’s. For that he is proud.  This is Luis ‘Baby” Ortiz who shot a cop in the head. He’s throwing kisses as he’s leaving court. Watch the video, see him blow kisses at the crowd.  Hear the cheers from his fans.

Watch Luis “baby” Ortiz blow kisses and hear the crowd cheer for him in the video here

There are few kids afraid of going to jail.  18 year old Ramarley Graham was spotted making a drug deal. He ran from the police who chased him into his grandmother’s apartment and was fatally shot in the back. He didn’t have a gun only a small amount of marijuana.  Something has to be done with these guns and trigger happy police.

Read more on Ramarly and see family photo’s of him

T. J. Lane, 17 took a gun and knife to his Ohio school and opened fire.  ‘Prosecutor David Joyce says, Lane has admitted taking a .22-caliber pistol and a knife to the high school, near Cleveland, on Feb. 27 and firing 10 shots at a group of students sitting at a cafeteria table. Besides the three students killed, three were wounded, two seriously. The motive for the shooting remains unclear, though Joyce has appeared to rule out theories involving bullying or drug-dealing. He has said that victims were selected at random and that Lane is someone “who’s not well.”’

Kids try to emulate what they see on TV and what do they see? Violence, even the cartoons are violent. While mom and dad are out doing their thing, the babies are being educated by the ‘Telling lies to the Vision’ that glorifies gangs, drug wars and criminal power. Everyone wants to be Tony Montana- Scarface. It’s deep and the only way we can do anything is to educate the children. There needs to be centers they can go to after school to keep them busy while their parents are working. This minister in my old neighborhood built a cathedral in the heart of the ghetto. His parishioners who don’t live in the community complained about the store across the street from the catherdral. The kids did hang out there. Some may have been selling drugs. But the majority was loitering because they had nowhere else to go. If the churches open the doors for these youth maybe we would see some changes. They could provide a safe haven for these kids to hang out at the same time showing them a different life style. give them some religion or something.

No one is immune from violence. 17 year old Trayvon Martin went to a store to get snacks for him and his brother. He was visiting his father in his Florida. His father lives in a gated community. Trayvon was on his way back with a soda and bag of skittles in his hand. George Zimmerman, 28, called 911 and was instructed to wait for the police. By the time the police arrived Trayvon was on the ground dead. Check out this disparity.  Zimmerman has not been arrested.

If  Zimmerman was a black man who shot and killed a white child?  Would he still be free? What is this message saying?  Its okay to shoot and kill a black boy that you don’t recognize.

Family photo’s of Trayvon

What Trayvon Martin Says About Our Politics

New Orleans had one hundred and ninety-nine murders in Two thousand and eleven. By January twenty-seventh, in two thousand and twelve, there have been twenty slayings. The National Guard is now policing the streets of New Orleans. Is this what we have come to?

I don’t have the answers but I know guns need to be taken off the streets. Somehow, some way. They have these campaigns here, where people can turn in guns, no questions asked. Sometimes they offer a hundred dollars for each gun they turn in. They have collected quite a few guns during those campaigns. But many more are still on the streets.

If an animal gets loose and runs through the streets terrorizing the neighborhood. Once this animal is cornered it gets shot with a tranquilizer gun. Why are humans killed? Is the life of a person of so little value? Is that why young men and woman kill without remorse? Is there any hope for mankind? Does anyone have any answers on how to get a hold on the abuse of guns by young adults?

9 thoughts on “Amputate the Trigger Finger

  1. Its a problem prevalent even in this part of the world. Like you have rightly pointed out..all this violence, recklessness and abashed attitude has its roots in no education, no love and no care.
    Parents are too busy to give a damn to what the kid is up to. And this creates a void in the kid’s life that he/she tries to fill by being violent which gets him/her the attention he/she doesn’t get otherwise.
    The kid couldn’t care less if this attention is negative attention…He just cares that people are talking about him and noticing him even if its just to say that he is a fugitive/ criminal. He is in the newspaper…and the context of his appearance in the newspaper could not matter less to him.
    Love is the answer to all these problems. It is a long term solution…it will take years to actually change people with love but I am sure it will work.
    In the meantime, we do need to have strict laws.

    I absolute love how you’ve dealt with this subject, Kim. You’re good 🙂

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