Overwhelmed You Ask?

I checked my emails this morning and I had 204 messages. Overwhelmed you ask? Yes.  I’ve been reading messages from everyone, I don’t want to leave anyone out. I forsaken everything to try and catch up with these messages. I’ve been reading since Saturday. I was down to 25  Saturday night and by Sunday morning I was back up to 65. I think, and more were coming. Yesterday which was Monday I was busy writing  Amputate the Trigger Finger.      I was having such a hard time with storing it on my flash drive and moving it from the laptop to the desktop. That’s too long of a story.  Needless to say I didn’t get too much reading in during that time. Don’t get me wrong. I love reading my emails.  So to make it easier I  decided to get a nook color or a Kindle Fire this way  I can carry it around and read when I’m away from my desktop and lap top.  I’ll even be able to read it when I’m laying down. So that’s on my wish list. For now I will just add another of my poems.  This  poem seems to relate to my current state of mind.


Have I gone mad?

A metaphysical equation,
an exact scientific formula situation,
for that which has no answer.

Somersaulting into an abyss of confusion,
rising from crystallize illusions.

Bits and bytes of a techno world.
A matrix of gigabyte,
and elaborate program.

Have I gone mad?

A world inside my world,
outside myself.

A tranquil haze.
A holographic reality.

Tobacco sedative,

…… inhale……. exhale


Polluted lungs,
filtered air,
canned oxygen.

Big brother spy,
paranoid am I?
Nowhere to hide.

Have I gone mad?

Cyber dreams,
quantum physics.

an illusion in reality,
a viral infection,
shutting down progression.

I have gone mad!

Hidden in plain sight,
truth untold.

A serpent kisses,
breast fed venom.

Close is the distance of confusion.
Healthy is this diseased mind.


Void of rationality.

Light shall be the darkness,
darkness shall be the light.

The greatness of nothing will triumph


Have I gone mad?

Have I?

Have I?

Yes, yes,


14 thoughts on “Overwhelmed You Ask?

  1. You know that old saying. Be careful what you ask for. You may just get it. I’m sitting reading all day because I became disabled at the young age of 48. There’s so much more I want to do but am limited because of my health.

  2. I can so relate to this, Kim.
    My email is flooded with New post updates from all the blogs I follow. And I haven’t been able to read even a single one of them coz I was up to my neck with work the past few days and could barely find time to update my own blog. But I CANT NOT miss out on reading amazing poetry and posts so here is the plan I devised:
    Every day of the week I will pick 5 blogs and read all the pending posts on those blogs and comment and share my views. The next day, another set of 5 blogs. As I start following more blog I will increase the number to 10 and so forth. This way I come across every blog at least once every week. This way I can read all I like and not overdo myself either.
    Evidently, today I am on to your blog and I AM LOVIN’ IT.


  3. Yes, I can relate! It has been a very busy week for me, so now I attempt to catch up and it will take me all day and into the night I fear. But it will be worth it! I hope you are well.

  4. E-mails are something that prevent me from posting on my blog and sharing my blog as I should. I usually share my posting when I post a piece all over the internet and facebook, but here lately I get 300 or 400 e-mails from various places in a day. So I have devised a plan, I will read & answer the e-mails after I have posted my thoughts on the days current events, and shared those posts all over the WWW. In other words, the important stuff first, then the task of e-mails.

    I hope you can get a handle on your e-mails Silently, but don’t allow them to get you bogged down…they can wait, your words can not.

    1. Thank you for that. I allow things like my emails to stress me. I feel like I have to please everyone. 300-400 emails a day. I would go insane! I didn’t go on FB at all today! I use to live on FB.

      1. I use FB to promote and market my blog…and i have 3 fan pages for POTUS Obama and 4 FB groups for discussion and bull shit. I go on FB as I see fit, but don’t hang out there like I used to before the blog.

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