The Marriage of Love and Hate


Some people shit out their mouths and don’t care who the funk hurts. Some people can’t take criticism so they retaliate with hurtful words.
I use to wake in the morning and wonder, did I go to sleep angry. Should I be angry? I had to stop and think about that. I  orientated home health aides. I use to tell them to always greet their clients with a cheerful and pleasant attitude. I use to tell them if you’re mad at your children, your husband or the stories in the news to keep it outside the client’s door. When their shift was over, if they choose they could pick it back up and take it home. I realized this is what I was doing. Putting away anger when I fall off to sleep, then when I wake up I was looking for the anger I put away the night before. In reality and a wise thing to do is to let it go. It must not have been that important. Because 9 out of 10, I forgot what made me angry in the first place.
Anger eats a person from the inside out. Sometimes a person could be angry for so long that they don’t remember what they were angry about. I say let the anger go, it’s not going to change anything. In fact you may make bad decisions when you’re angry. So calm down.
Anger is a debilitating emotion that cripples logical thoughts. It thrives on hate like emotions and feeds off revenge.
Love is sibling to hate. Happiness is the sibling to anger. They are both so close, sometimes it’s hard to distinguishing one from the other. Love and happiness marry, their relationship is sweet. They make gentle love with passion and have gentle breeze orgasms. Anger and hate marry their relationship is hot. They make wild love that is volatile and have explosive orgasms. Both are nice to have, hum if I remember.
The emotions of love and happiness are safe, it grows and the relationship gets closer and with hard work, it becomes deeper and stronger. Eventually it may become boring. That doesn’t mean you give up. Strike a match and start a fire, hell an inferno.
Hate and anger may grow, may even get deeper but their relationship may always be plagued with rage and fury. It may become dangerous. So turn on the faucet and extinguish some of that blaze.

Fire of Love

A spark ignited a curious fire.
Steadily burning,
chills tickle up my spine.
The heat got hot.
A raging blaze erupted,
furious flames
choked my lungs,
singed my heart,
blinded my eyes,
disoriented my mind.
Sirens sounded,
crippling waters,
dying embers,
cooling ashes.
Polluted waters of hate
extinguished the fires of love.

If love and hate marry and happiness and anger marry the relationship would be oh so interesting. It will be balanced the trick is to listen when there is anger and do not forget that there is love. There may be times you hate in the relationship, but remember there was happiness once and can be again. It takes work and it’s a job that takes a team effort to make it succeed.
Like love, hate is a deep emotion, it takes a lot of energy. In my opinion it is a waste of energy. If I have hate for you I don’t want you in my life. Just like happiness you have to feed the anger. I rather disagree with you then to allow it to grow to anger. My health is at risk when I become angry. High blood pressure, stroke, and heart attack being angry just ain’t worth it.
I rather love my neighbor then hate them. I rather wave happily to them then to raise my fist at them. It’s all about my well-being, my spirit that dictates how I feel for those in my circumference.

13 thoughts on “The Marriage of Love and Hate

  1. This is so right, and really matches what is true…Health is not about letting hate burn and happiness is not about holding grudges…Some good words to live by here

  2. You shared some insightful points and added imagery to boot for extra conviction, and you did it well. I enjoyed your thoughts and received the message in agreement…. and am glad you sent me the link….
    and the poem you wrote to go with it complimented it well…very firey, I liked it a lot….. Thank you lady silent…. 🙂
    love and happiness to you…

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