Mommy Talking to Me from Heaven

Me and mommy


All the grandchildren The last Thanksgiving
My sister, me and my brother.
My daughter, mom, me, my son and my youngest is taking the picture.
me and my grand kids when they were little

31 thoughts on “Mommy Talking to Me from Heaven

  1. A heart warming poem. I know your heart is filled with gratitude for such a wonderful woman to have been your mother. Be at peace, for she is at rest with her Maker.

  2. Such a touching post, Silently. You and your mother’s children and grandchildren are so blessed to have had this stunning woman in your lives.

    ~ Cara

  3. What a loving tribute to your mother. And what a beautiful family you have–thanks for showing us all those pictures. Your mother’s beauty shines through in your words, as well.

  4. You are such a beautiful Lady that I am sure your Mother would have had to have been as well. My Mama talks to me from heaven too! Blessings wonderful Lady

      1. It is indeed a comfort. Mama comes to me on the aroma of roses, her favorites, when I am in deep need. Our loved ones never leave us. Love is infinite.

  5. Thank you for this wonderful gift. It is clearly a very personal story but it is also universal. I am on another continent and both of my parents have long ago departed this plane. Your story reaches us all.

    Jamm rek (“peace only” in Wolof)

  6. You’ve got me all a teary mess over here. I’m so sorry you lost your mom – I don’t think it matters that it’s been many years. Your mom is your mom forever, and being without her is sure to leave a hole in your heart for just as long. Your poem was lovely, and so was the rest of your post. She sounds lovely, and well loved, and for that, my dear, you should be very proud – too many moms never know how deeply their children adore them and it’s such a pity. Your words are great testimonial to what a special woman she was…and what a very special person you are. Thank you so much for sharing and turning my insides to mush with your post.

      1. Your mother being the beautiful lady she was, knew your sentiments in the poem. You released her from world pain, so that she could be in peace and she knew she was ready to travel on. Though we miss their physical being on earth we are never parted from them. May you have a Wonderful Mother’s Day and read your poem to your family on this Mother’s Day as a celebration of her life. God Bless you

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