Words to My Son

Mommy, I prayed to God to help you feel better. I am thankful that God answered my prayer and you’re getting a whole lot healthier. I don’t understand why He won’t help me with my struggles.

Well son, first let me say, God is good. He has made me feel stronger. I knew I was powerless and that my fate, is in Gods’ hands. I do what the doctors suggest but my true Healer is God Almighty. I owe my thanks to Him for the stability of my health today. I suffered too my son. I cried and wanted to know why me. I wanted to give up, I wanted to die. One morning I woke up and decided not to lay in bed all day feeling sorry for myself. I let go of my fear, I accepted my illness and just let go, whatever happens, it will be Gods’ will. It was God that answered me when I was lost and showed me the way.

Son, have you, recognized those unrighteous things you’ve done over the years? Did you forgive yourself? Have you purged your heart of the guilt that stains your conscious, so that the sinner in you may be cleansed?

You my son want things when you want them. But God is the only Knower of when you shall receive. You worry and try to fix what’s not broken. You try to do all and when some things you just can’t do. So you need learn how to sit back and give it to God. You have to have faith. You have to trust and you have to believe.

When things go wrong you look to blame everyone except yourself. You tend to push those who care away. You need to search your heart and release that anger, which has escalated over the years. You need to let go of the pain so that you can make room for some joy.

I can hear you now, say. “Yes mommy you’re right.”

And I can hear the next sentence you say, “I try but I just can’t…”

Well son, at this time in your life you really have no choice. Remember to try is to fail. When you say you can’t you won’t. You have to set your eyes on the prize and do. You have been in the bowls of hell. You have crawled out of darkness to see the light only to hide in the darkness. Feel the Lord, my son. He is the Father that will not forsake you. Give your sorrows to God, my son and let Him worry. He won’t fail you, because He can and will make all things possible. Let go Let God. I love you, God loves you more.

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