Dear Mommy,

May 13, 2013
Dear Mommy,
I know you went through a long and painful labor to give birth to me. I’m thankful you didn’t have an abortion. You didn’t give me up for adoption. I’m really happy you didn’t think I was garbage and toss me out with the trash. I’m elated that you decided to keep me and help me grow up to be someone you will be proud of. I really am very proud you’re my mom.
Sometimes I know I get out of hand. I really don’t mean to make you scream at me. I know you do a lot for me. I really do know and I do appreciate it, but because I’m young, I don’t always show it. I guess it’s because I’m still learning. I just wish sometimes, you would have a little patience. When you yell I get really nervous and end up making more mistakes. You don’t seem to ever forget the bad things I’ve done. You always remember them and remind me. I wish sometimes you would remember the good things and remind me about them.
I know there are times I do things to make you proud but you don’t even seem to notice. I know I could do better. But I do my best. I know I could do better at that times and I promise I will the next time. Will you please, just give me a little praise for this effort?
Sometimes I wish you would recognize the efforts I make to be good and give me a little praise. When you yell and scream it shows me that you are aware of me. I am starving for attention and I noticed that you give me a lot when I misbehave, so I tend to do bad things to get you to notice me. You see any attention from you, mom is better than no attention. Sometimes I’m not sure if you love me. I get confused and angry when you send me away. Then sometimes you just yell at me when I didn’t even do anything. It’s like you’re mad at me because I was born. If that’s the reason I’m so sorry.
I might not understand or know everything but if you take a little time to explain things to me. I might understand a little better. You know mom, I’m only going to be a little kid for a little while. Before you know it I’m going to be a teenager. I really want us to have some really good memories to reminisce about when I get older.
I know I act like I don’t want hugs and kisses but I really do. So don’t stop. No matter how old I get I will always need you, maybe not as much as I need you now but I will need you.
I just want you to know mommy, that I’m not perfect. That I want to do well and I want to make you proud. I know you’re not perfect either, but in my eyes you are. I always watch what you’re doing and hear what you say. I try to be just like you. That’s because you’re my mom and I only get one. I love my auntie’s and grand mom’s very much. But they aren’t you and they can’t take the place of my mother’s love. I think it’s the most special love in the world. A mother’s love is unconditional and I will always have your love. I know you will always be there for me and I can always count on you to protect me. I know you have my back and I know I always come first in your life and I am really grateful. I want you to you always be close to me. Close enough to cheer me on, to watch me do things to make you proud. I want you to always feel your hugs and kisses. I want to hear you tell me you love me. Because you are my world, my life, my beautiful, caring and loving mother. I love you so very much.

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