Ignorance is Alive and Well in the USA

This should be the last update. I’m not responding to them anymore. It’s funny how they don’t respond to my Pro-Obama post I share.

After reading lovely poems, silly jokes, beautiful pictures, cute animals and soothing music on Word Press I went to FaceBook to see what was going on and this is what I found. My pressure went up and I had to relax and share it with you lovely people. They say they aren’t republicans but if they are against President Obama then what are they? Please someone educate me on that. God help us in November 2012. Ignorance is alive and well in the USA! I copied and pasted just as it was typed.

Just one more add- Kimberly joined the thread with a voice of reason and she must be added to the mix.

HollyI never voted for him the first time and anyone that did is nothing short of an idiot!


Me-And those who don’t vote for him this term is an idiot and deserve what they get. NOTHING!

Sarah-yikes kim, are you seriously saying that you support him.

Holly-Obamunist is a muslim communist and should be tried for treason along with his cronies in DC. This country was founded and built on the basis of FREEDOM and belief in GOD (OUR CREATOR). Obamunist DOES NOT believe in GOD or FREEDOM. SCREW HIM!

Ruben-Great post Holly!

Jerry-So what Kim is saying, is that if we vote for him this time, we get SOMETHING? Like money that we can’t afford to be handing out? Like a new car? Or maybe a new house? Hey. If I’m going to vote for him, then I want something out of it, just like every other person who supports him. FREEBIES, man. That’s what life is all about, right? Getting something for NOTHING? No thanks. I’ll work for what I get. But Obama is even making that hard to do. Worst. President. Ever.

Me-I surely do. I was able to get my lupus under control with the healthcare reform act. My daughters will be able to earn an equal wage as men in our economy. I love this planet I live on and believe caring about the ecology is important if there is to be a planet for our children. I believe that the millionaires should pay the same tax rate as I do. I believe we should bring jobs back to the US. I don’t believe the banks need a stimulus package they have enough money from the fees and interest they charge. Come on you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that President Obama is for all the people. And Holly you need to check your fact and not listen to the propaganda. PRESIDENT OBAMA IS NOT A MUSLIM!

Jerry-Glad I’m not a rocket scientist then. Obama is for NOBODY but himself. And yes, he IS a Muslim. He has spoken on it several time. Looks like someone drank the Kool-Aid. Uh oh.

Ruben-Kim, you been fooled girl. Drink some more kool-aid.

Me-I worked all my life Jerry, I lost my house during the bush administration because of the thieving Fannie Mae and bankers. I earned everything I have and I believe the future should have the same rights. I don’t believe that the rich should get all the breaks. Jerry you need to learn how to read the facts for yourself. Listen to the man the republican is trying to put in office. Hear what he’s saying when he’s not spreading lies. The man has been brought and paid for. You think the poor are struggling now. Please, just wait and see.

Becky-Discussing politics is the quickest way to start a fight…..

Me-Ya’l drank the Kool-aid blindly following the racist KKK alias cult Mormon doctrine.

Jerry-LOL! Who even said they were Republican here? You don’t have a clue, Kim.

Jerry-I do read the facts. In fact, I have a radio show that digs for the facts. Which is why I am informed on how he is fooling the American people like YOU who will vote for him. I never said I was Republican either. And I do think the poor are struggling. It got WORSE the last 4 years. Respectfully, Kim, you are blind. If you knew the facts besides what you see on TV, you’d be shaking in your boots for what is about to happen THIS SUMMER. Your beloved President has a plan IN MOTION at the Department of Homeland Security that will set a cataclysmic event that will SUSPEND the elections and make him President for as long as he wants. None of us will have a CHOICE. It will be made for us. You want to support a man like that? Good. Stay away from my house then when you need food or water this summer, because I’ll be defending my family from people like you who got us into this situation to begin with.

Jerry-I’ve said my piece. Good Luck to you Kim.

Tracy-And what, you’re a muslim??? Obaunist’s health care hasn’t even began yet…shows just how smart his followers are. Talk about koolaid drinkers.

Me-Jerry that is such BS. He doesn’t have the power to change the infrastructure of our government. Good luck to you too. @ Tracy I utilized the insurance I was able to get affordable health care with a pre-exsisting condition.

Sarah-Kim its a sad state of affairs of the mentaility that you are showing. WE WILL GAIN NOTHING except more loss of freedom, wealth and the protection of our creator if he gets another term…just watch the signs that he is showing, research what is going on around you and see what is comming then i pray you change your mind. For G-d sakes DONT VOTE FOR HIM.

Sarah-and Jerry…Very well said! I was going to make the same comments however i got caught up at work. one more thing Kim….it wasnt because of just the republican president that you lost your house. please understand that neither side likes you! they both have an agenda and its sickening that you stand by and allow them to continue with it.

Tracy-Obama Care HASN’T STARTED YET, therefore it has NO influence on the healthcare system yet. And Jerry is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT. Obamunist has PROVEN that he is the BS. He has done anything he has wanted to do by executive order, bypassing congress altogether. Its very obvious that the only people who vote for Obamunist are either socialist/communist, want the gov to take care of them for life (a communist belief), voted for him solely based on race, or are just plain stupid. When Obamunist declares martial law I hope you enjoy your communist/dictator regime. Your freedoms will be GONE, the Constitution will not only be trampled on, like he’s doing now, it will be GONE. He will control EVERY aspect of your life…Soviet Union, China, and possibly Iran, because God will be outlawed and Islam will be the official religion. Let me know how you like living in Iran #2

Holly-Ok, here is my say. For one, HE DID BAIL OUT BANKS! TWO, what jobs? We are at an all time high with unemployment! Further more CHINA is the country that has landed contracts to rebuild our roads and bridges! Jerry Torok posted a link about that last week! As for healtcare reform, it hasn’t even went into action yet. I am not for HIS version of healthcare reform but I do admit our current one is not working so well as too many are without insurance. I will be one of those when I get my divorce. Having severe asthma, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis are not a good things to have with no insurance. As for him being Muslim, you can bet he is! He was raised as one. He may not practice it out in the open but you can bet his ass prays on a mat everyday of his life! Praying for the destruction of America. He is doing a fine job stripping away our rights one by one. This man does NOT abide by the constitution. He is tearing it to shreds! His goal is to have TOTAL control over ALL of us. Strip every right we have away. Take away our right to bear arms, our right to freedom of speech and many other rights. Pay attention to what is so evident, its right in your faces and many turn the other way. Trust me, this country is going downhill like a snowball heading for hell! Oh and our freedom of speech is indeed disappearing. You may think you are free to speak your mind but trust me you are being watched. Say the wrong thing and your door will be darkened by the men in black. Also, if Obama serves another 4 yrs you can bet that before that time is up we won’t even be posting here on facebook! You notice we have no one from China on here! That is because their internet is controlled! Just like they are trying to do to us here! If facebook is still working come the end of his second term (if God forbid he wins it) you won’t be able to post a thing other than “oh its a nice pretty day here” or “i cooked a nice dinner today”. You won’t be able to voice your opinions on ANYTHING political or against any govt official or institution. Obama is the worst president in history. He bows to other country leaders which is a SUBSERVIENT gesture, that is something NO leader should be doing. You NEVER bow to another leader. Further more he should NEVER be apologizing to ANY country for actions of the US. If he is ashamed of us then WHY is he even HERE? Look at the church they attended before he became president! A reverend who said GOD DAMN AMERICA!!! If that was NOT what he believed then HE wouldn’t have been attending that church! His wife is no better. She publicly said she was never proud of the US! I say they should both be dragged out of the WH kicking a screaming and tossed into prison along with the rest of his communist administration. Now my final note, ANYONE who doesn’t like anything I say about Obama is free to delete me on their friends list because I will NOT change my attitude nor will I stop posting negative things about him!

Holly– I am informed I hear what the politicians are saying. I am not blind. And it’s not about you or me it’s about America and what’s good for her people.


Kimberly, honestly, my hatred for Obama has nothing to do with race. Anyhow, he is half white, remember! If he was as white as the pure driven snow I would still feel the same. Further more I believe Romney is NO better than Obama! In all honesty most politicians don’t have our best interest at heart. I don’t think we’ve had a decent president since Reagan! Oh and I agree, the rich do belong paying more taxes than we do!

Me-I’m sorry you are all confused and misguided. You need to read and listen to the facts.

Holly-Kimberly I have been reading the facts on this stuff for damn near 10 yrs! My eyes are wide awake to what is going on in this country. I seen this all coming 10 yrs ago! Obama just put it into faster motion! I am far from being confused. I see it all perfectly clear. Give it some time, you will be waking up one morning and find yourself living in the Amerika not America!

Tracy-Talking to a brain dead, brain washed person is a waste of time. When Obamunist has finished destroying our country, you will be partly to blame.

Kimberly-I will only say the alternative is SCARY since he doesn’t like women!No matter who we vote in they will do whatever they please and only help themselves as usual!!And since EVERYONE has a right to their opinions and choices I would not EVER call someone names because their choice is different than mine.THAT is what is wrong with the US now…no tolerance for one another or their right to speak what they feel!I believe we can disagree and discuss without calling names…that is just childish!And even tho we disagree,Holly..I would not dislike you or attack you or call you mean names as you are my friend and EACH OF US has the right to think what we want!

Holly-You are right, no matter who is in the office the will do as they please. I am not calling names, just stating the facts. I have been researching for 10 yrs on the planned destruction of America. Obama is doing a fine job doing his part. You are right though Kimberly, we all do have a right to our opinions and its ok to be passionate on what you believe in.

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  1. kim…that was insane…They think he’s going to become president for life?? Do they not understand basic american gov and checks and balances…Defending their houses??? This was nasty

  2. I fail to see why you associate with such stupidity Kimberly. It is a total waste of valuable time. I wish POTUS Obama would withdraw his name from the Presidency of the United States, walk away and tell America to kiss his Black ass tomorrow. Then lets see how America is fairing in 2 years.

  3. OMG! OMG! OMG!!! Let me at ’em! Let me at ’em!!! What ignorant STUPID f***s. Faux News followers and believers. For one, I’m so sick and tired of hearing how Obama is a Muslim. And you know what, for sake of argument, if he was… so what. I could care less what god people worship so long as you do what’s best for fellow mankind.

    Crickey… scary scary scary… they’re going to vote for Romney out of pure ignorance and stupidity. OMG… that’s what he’s banking on, I’m sure.

        1. I know it scares me too. We are friends by our mutual fight against and bringing awareness to Lupus. I post a lot of pro Obama and negative Romney stuff so I guess I opened the door. No one says anything on my post and I only get a few that put anti-Obama post up. After I say what I have to say they back up.This time all her friends jumped in.

  4. I support differences of opinion based upon reason thought and logical conclusions. The inflamatory statements you’ve highlighted here are based upon nothing more than ignorance and racism. And it’s an impossible waste of time and breath trying to even talk to such obvious Neanderthals.

    Good post

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