What a Long Month


What a mess. While I was away from Word Press the house was being painted.  This is the last room that needs to be cleaned up. Nobody feels like doing it.

Well got my plants together. Do you see how my aloe vera has grown?  I took the corn plant near the window and transplanted it with the tree and cut a piece off to start another.  I Love my babies.



I finally caught a picture of  that cardinal that hangs around the backyard.  All the birds like to bathe in the rain water that collects in the upside down patio furniture.  Now I just have to catch that turtle-dove that hangs around.


I had to make some  graduation cards. I need to make at least 10 more. Why are all the kids  graduating in the same year? Elementary, high school, and college.


Thought I would throw in my 8-year-old granddaughter to show off her fashion sense. Her Granddad’s hat and her cousin’s hand-me-down jacket.  Don’t forget that I’m a diva smile on her face.  That’s Grammy’s baby.

I got my hair done. I’m trying to see how long it will grow. It’s has never been this long. I had to cut it 3 years ago when my lupus was being treated with Chemo. It grew back to be really nice.  I like it but it takes too long  to get it washed and set.  This will be our secret I don’t get to the saloon too often maybe every other month when it gets real itchy.  It don’t smell, really  it doesn’t or I would get it washed more.


I did mention that I was going to go away last weekend. Well my sister’s husband, who was going to pick me up, had death in his family.  I was disappointed but also kind of  happy. I was looking forward to spending time with my sister. We don’t see each other too often. Well we do Skype, but we can’t hug. Also I would have seen other family and good friends.  Oh well, another time.  I was happy the trip was canceled because I was running around like a mad woman. I went to baby sit the grand kids, we had a lovely day together. We went to lunch. Burger King, I was none too happy about that.  They didn’t have anything I wanted.  I ordered the Flapp, they didn’t have whip cream. So  I ordered a medium mango drink, no medium cups. I ordered a salad, no ranch dressing, she offered an avocado dressing but came back and said they didn’t have any. Ugggh!  I ended up with some dressing I never heard of before.  The children had nuggets and they didn’t have bar-b-que sauce.  There was four of us and they only gave me three napkins.  I shouldn’t have expect more, I was in Brooklyn after all.

Not to mention the doctor appointments I had sprinkled in over the past two weeks. When you have a chronic illness and take a shit load of medications the doctors like to see you. Especially my orthopedic doctor that gives me my Oxycodone.

I worked a few days ago accepting awards from my fellow bloggers. I felt the love, so much so that I have even  more to accept.  I will work on them soon.  I have still 200 or so emails from all of you whom I follow.  I haven’t worked on my novel who knows when.  I have unfinished poems to work on.  The novel I’m reading hasn’t been picked up for days now. Then I signed myself up to help get President Obama re-elected. They asked me if I could go to Philly. I told them to call me, but I will definitely work the phone banks. Why did I extend myself like that.

Next week my grand son graduates from the 5th grade.   No rest for the weary they say right? I so look forward to June being over.  My next post won’t be so boring I hope.

15 thoughts on “What a Long Month

  1. Nothing ‘boring’ about this post Kim…. I’ve only known you a short time tho your posts make you ‘very real’ to me…. 😉
    There’s too much to comment upon so I’ll just say…
    Rest, put your feet up for five minutes and then get back to it…. I dare say, even five minutes may be hard going for a woman like you… 😉 Superrrrrr Womannnnnnn 😉

    1. I’m trying to put my feet up, Carolyn. I’m finishing up the cards for my grandson, that’s 4. They’re having a big bar-b-que where I live for a niece and a nephew who’s graduating high school. That’s 8 cards. Sigh** I just can’t wait for July. 😀 Thanks for stopping by.

  2. A pretty hectic month for you Kim, but quite fulfilling I dare say; what with all the graduations lined up. Congrats to all the graduands. Your grandaughter is certainly lovely and I love her fashion style.

  3. Great post..all the photos are great and I really love the cardinal and really love the photo of your granddaughter! Can not believe that at all! My daughter is finishing grade 5 this year too, congrats to all of the graduates in your family! Again, great post!

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