Ignorance Breeds Ignorance

God in Control by Nickozw @ Deviont Art

Ignorance Breeds Ignorance

Why is it that each side wants peace, but is prepared for war? Why is it they end up in war instead of peace? Is it because each side wants control and power? Is it greed? Is it hatred? Is it both? Is it jealousy that fuels the destruction gene in humanity? Is it the beast gene that craves blood, to quench his thirst for domination? When swords slash or guns explode does he receive a satisfying orgasm? Death and ruination, is it for respect, love and or acceptance? How could any of that be? For if it were, there would be no war, no bloodshed, no destruction, no hunger, no homelessness Or dying of easily curable diseases.

Ignorance breeds ignorance since Cain slew Able.

My only refuge is to pray.

I believe and trust in You, God my Father. I am human and with faults. I am trying to be conscious of the way I act and the words I choose.

It is my prayer to live and be righteous. When I see my neighbors, I want to know inside me, that they are also Your children. I want to have forgiveness in my heart, tolerance in my words, kindness in my hands and love in my eyes.

Father I know that often my acts and deeds many fail to please You. I pray to be better.

I no longer rely on luck now that I know, You are at my side. I will not allow anything to scare me to death for I shall not fear death.

I kneel before You, Lord with open hands to receiver Your guidance, to lead me to my righteous self. I ask that You give me the fortitude to pass this prayer on to my children and my children’s children. And to the strangers that are also Your children.

Teach me Father, to be thankful for the blessings I have. Teach me patience and trust that my prayers will be answered according to Your needs and Your plans.

I am not prepared for war, I seek only peace.



12 thoughts on “Ignorance Breeds Ignorance

  1. Hi, Words from the Heart goes straight to the Heart,
    I love what you wrote, It’s like reading my thoughts
    and what I believe in, but according to what is going
    on now in the World we are going to WW3, I am not
    pessimist but lets hope I am wrong !!!
    Thank you very much

  2. The disconnect I have is the tens of millions of people over the centuries all killed in the name of god.

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