The Title for the Untitled

Two days ago I posted     I need a title. Help please? Any one have suggestions?  What I did was take all the suggestions and added to the poem and titled the poem Written By Us Yesterday for Today.  Feel free to post on your blog as your own because it belongs to all of us. 

Written By Us Yesterday for Today

Sunshine kissed the morning,
with its early rising.
Above the cement horizon,
I woke with a feeling of peace.
Listening to the sparrows speak.
Hearing babies cry,
it must be the blue dye.
Further than my reach,
are the answers I seek.
This world full of sorrow.
 Always tomorrow,
The endless quest.
For the weary no rest.
A new day song,
 a dark night so long.
Tomorrow dreams,
dreams for tomorrow.
Always tomorrow…
Not today,
sad to say.
Longing’s early shadow.
My dreams in escrow.
Above the horizons,
peace beckons.
And yet we strive,
and yearn to survive.
Always tomorrow.
Strong is my will,
peace be still.

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    1. Thank you Love, such a sweet compliment. I couldn’t pick one they were all so good and appropriate so I did the next best thing. Enjoy your night/morning. Me I’m going to see if I’ll be blessed with some sleep. 🙂

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