Greetings to all of you wonderful people,
We have been having a heat wave in NY for the past two weeks. Lupus doesn’t get along well with heat and sun. Major reason I don’t care for the summer. For the last two weeks the household I live in was preparing for a graduation party. The same day my family was giving my brother and his wife a 40th anniversary party.
At home I helped with cleaning, cooking and I was out side with the men putting up the tent.
I like to prepare in advance, it’s less stressful. Not my daughter, on June 29th, we go shopping for clothes for three children and my daughter!! My daughter looked at every piece of clothing in the store!! Ugggh!! Then we had to go food shopping. Once the food was put away I had to prepare the food to take with us to the party. It’s a two hour trip to Long Island, NY from Brooklyn. I was tired before the party even started. However, I had a great time with my family.
After the party, my daughter and kids went on back to Brooklyn and I went back home in Queens. When I get home the party was over except the drunks were in the basement next to my bedroom. When my head finally hit the pillow I was out like a light. I spent all day Sunday in bed, doctor on Monday. I’m still very tired I think it’s a lupus flare. My arms are swollen and have a pimply rash all over. I used my sunscreen I hu brought an ugly floppy hat that I wore while I was out in the sun. I had fun and if this is punishment for it I’ll take it.
I was trying to get caught up with reading but it seems to be a never-ending battle. So I’m posting a poem I wrote about the BBQ at my brother’s house.

The Anniversary BBQ

It was a wonderful day
All the little ones got to play
The grill was smoking
No one was choking
Lots of food to eat
Soda, chips and treats
Plenty to drink wine, vodka and beer
Oh no! the vodka fell, oh dear!
The live music was smooth,
everyone felt the groove.
The food was good,
we ate more than we should.
Lawrence, Randy and Luke,
gave a beautiful salute.
There was laughter and cheer,
a few memories brought tears.
It was such a pleasure,
all of us getting together.
With those we love,
I thank God above.
For making it possible
His servants are humble.

27 thoughts on “Greetings

  1. Lovely poem. How hard is it to balance the restrictions of your illness with your personal needs? Do you have to calculate potential problems with personal gains a lot?

    1. Hi Richard,
      Sorry it took so long to respond. I was using my Kindle and sometime it won’t let me respond. I never know what is too much until I do too much. I try not to let the lupus prevent me from having fun. I try to rest before activities and rest after. I try not to do too much in the sun. Thanks for your interest. All in all I am very blessed. A lot of people are worst off then me. 🙂

  2. Glad you had a nice time with your family. Sorry – about you not doing well these days though with the heat aggravating your lupus.
    Nice poem to go with your post too.
    Happy Friday!

  3. Beautiful Kim; I’ve missed your smiling face…! 😉
    Sometimes the act is worth the punishment; I agree… 🙂
    Lovely poem too… 🙂
    It’s just passed midnight and is now Saturday morn for us here in Oz; so I’ll say goodnight and sleep tight when night falls for you… 🙂

      1. I did thank you, and now we are off to Sydney to see a stageplay ‘The Mouse Trap’… So, it’s on with the ‘good clothes’, the make-up and great shoes…. Tonight we are going to a ball. Don’t know how we managed to do that – two major events in one day! However; it should be fun… if not tiring! Take good care of yourself and yours 🙂

  4. The poem is just so lovely, thanks for sharing the wonderful time you had with us. So sorry you are feeling a bit tired, sending love and great health your way. Hoping you get some rest this weekend. Enjoyed reading this :). Big hugs, and keep strong.

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