My Life

When I was naive and young, I believed …

my prince would come.

The world my stage….

to live my many dreams.

All before I aged.

The ocean full of precious pearls….

all for me, the special girl.

The prize would be mine….

no mistaking, the heavens were aligned.

For me….

The clock stood still….

Plenty of time, to find my thrills.

to chase my hopes and dreams.

An illusion it sometime seems.


The battery was changed…

Now everything is rearranged.

And time races against time…..

Sometimes I want to escape.

but I feel trapped.

Moving too fast, too slow,

Always forward I go.

In spaces narrow or wide

Life is an unpredictable ride,

Sometimes I want to ride forever.

no matter the fear it delivers.


I always knew life was short,

exactly how short, I never thought.



27 thoughts on “My Life

  1. Perfect description of a young girls fancies….I liked how you wrote this, and could relate my own inner child…..still feel the same on many levels! I believe we stay young in our hearts when we hold on to keep the dream alive…..beautiful post….

  2. None of us know when the last breath will come so until then we keep moving. Sometimes life moves at the speed of light, other times it seems like forever.

      1. You’re welcome, Kim, and thanks so much for the complement! Words of encouragement are always nice to hear, but I feel the same about your writing, too! I wish there was more time in each day for reading! 🙂

      1. I’m always behind now, Kim, and I think it’s the “norm” for most…and for some reason, I’m still not receiving your new posts, even though I’m following you. So please bear with me, you are on my fave radar and won’t be forgotten! And I appreciate any visit, it doesn’t matter about likes or comments, just you taking the time, I’m very grateful for…:)

      2. Thank you. I feel the same about you. I will always let you know I stopped by. I’m babysitting this month. My grandson has summer school. I have to try and catch some z’s 🙂 have a good night.

    1. 🙂 I like your FB thought “Life’s a bitch and time is her pimp” I guess my age makes me appreciate the metaphor. I’ve had it on my mind since I read it and plan to write on it. Giving you credit of course. 🙂

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