Art Game – Week – 26 – Underwater Hotel

Art Game – Week – 26 – Underwater Hotel

This is a really great one. I Love water!!

I really missed paying last week. I’ve been busy, which is a good thing. My email reading had fallen behind and I like to keep up with everyone the best I can.  I’m playing teacher this month. My grandson is doing summer school. Me I’m babysitting and trying to help him prepare for the test he has to take to get promoted. The life of a Grandma.
Again I must say, I am really lovin’ this picture. An underwater bedroom. I could lay in bed and watch all the fishies swim. Especially my soul mates dolphins! Won’t you play with us.
Check out Dolly’s blog at All About Lemons. She has some really interesting things happening there besides the Art Game. So join in the fun.


9 thoughts on “Art Game – Week – 26 – Underwater Hotel

  1. I so agree with you Kim…. Love the underwater bedroom picture (I think this pic is my all time favourite). And, I love your dolphin addition… Hey; is that me I can see on the bed? Oh no, I think it’s you…. Ah well, enjoy! 🙂

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