Friday Fictioneers- Madison Woods

Okay I’m trying another creative challenge from Madison Woods Fiction Friday. I don’t usually do good with prompts but I’m trying this one. I wrote a 100 word story based on the following photo.  Critique, advice, comments are all welcome.

I had to go to the bathroom, what else was I to do? I ducked behind a boulder.  The group wasn’t far, but they weren’t there when I returned. Yes, I panicked and started running around like a crazy person. I ended up falling and busting my knee open.  I’m tired, sitting under this tree. I’ll take a sip of water and try to regain some energy. Oh man! It’s only enough to moisten the tip of my tongue.  Useless cell phone, no water, a busted knee that won’t stop bleeding and that damn bird has hunger in his eyes.

40 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers- Madison Woods

  1. Yup like that.I got the whole background picture of the situation, well subliminally planted within the narrative, and the foreshadowing of possible events from the action described creates a good hook for reading further. Ideal writing.

  2. Talk about being in a bad situation! And the “group” must be seriously irresponsible or malicious to leave her alone in the desert like this. Well written.

    1. Thanks for the exercises. I’ve been trying to join for a couple of weeks but I get overwhelmed when I fall behind on my blog emails. I end up forfeiting my writing time to catch up. Pleasure to meet you.

    1. Repeat i posted the same reply on your entry,

      Thanks for reading my submission and the feed back. Funny you mention the fist two lines. Those are the ones that I kept reinventing. I love your story. Original I get the guy is digging his on grave but these words kind of confused me taking your ease on the plastic.

  3. Ahhhhh, Kim. Not a good situation to be in! I pictured you doing as your story described – sure hope they (the group) realise that you’re missing and return for you; that bird does look menacing! A great read Kim… 🙂 😉 🙂

      1. it did me crazy thing those t9. and there’s no way to even turn it off. but going back to your post, thats quite a challenge-the 100 words limit is quite hard. but you, dang! you just did it so beautifully! u amaze me, kimberly!

        1. Thanks Aina. I’ve been wanting to do it for a few weeks now but I never have time or I don’t make time is the better word for it. Like now I’m suppose to be going to get something to eat and I won’t get off the computer.

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