Religion vs Faith

Religion vs Faith



What you believe doesn’t make you a better person.

Your behavior does.

I read this a few months ago on FB and a few weeks ago on someone’s post here on WP.  Sorry I don’t remember who post either one.
These two sentences speak volumes.  I think of people who can quote the bible, chapter and verse verbatim.  How wonderful for them they are able to memorize and draw on the right verse in any situation.  I personally have a hard time remembering the above quote.
I have nothing against religion if that’s your thing.  I have nothing against the church, temple, synagogue, mosque or kingdom hall.  Like they say you do you and I’ll do me.  This means I won’t dribble my beliefs on you and I will thank you kindly, not to insinuate your beliefs on me.  As I wrote in my post What Cha’ Know   I know what I know, and you know what you know.
This is my blog page and this is what I want to say on the subject of ’Religion vs. Faith’.  These are my opinions and what I believe.
God is good all the time. He is my strengths, my hopes. He is my refuge in the storm.  In my darkest hours He has rocked me and patted my back as I tried to console my pain and stifle my tears. He was there to remind me to trust in Him.  I always know He’s there.
Over my life time I’ve read the Bible, Torah, Koran and parts of the Talmud.  My conclusion, God is Love, He is Forgiving and Peaceful.  I’ve read about the teachings of Kabala(Cabala), freemasonry and Egyptian Mysteries. I didn’t understand all I read, but I understood a lot. Oh and I grew up in the Catholic Church and was educated by nuns. And I practiced the studies of the 5 Percent.
I’ve always retained a peaceful nature, even when I’ve given into the temptations of Lucifer. (My poem I Flirted with Lucifer ) I was invited and went to different churches.  I have felt the Holy Ghost.  It’s hard not to when everyone is singing, crying and shouting praises.  Yet, I also feel the spirit when I look at my beautiful grandchildren.  I see the spirit watching, my son shedding the dark cloak of his past to darn the clothes of a successful achiever.  I see the spirit of the Lord when I water my plants and his wonders that surround me every day.  I feel the Lord when I write. Sometimes it amazes me when I reread some of my work.  God uses my fingers to pen most of my writings.
I feel the glory of the Lord when He allowed me to put my oxygen tank away. He helped me go from 310 pounds to 260 and giving me the will to lose more.
I don’t go to a church building, because I am the temple of my God. He lives in me and through me.  I make mistakes, I am not perfect but try to do what is right. I trust in my God and know that He won’t forsake me. Because He knows my heart is pure.
Back to the above quote. 
I’ve known people who will say ‘Praise the Lord’ after every sentence, then talk about the person who just walked out the room. Is that righteous behavior?
I’ve talked to people who quote the bible and ‘fellowship with me. Then ask me what church I go to. Once they find out I don’t attend church. The room, even if on a park bench turns cold.  Is that’s the Christian way?
I know people who pray all the time. Go to church all the time. Speak about how great Jesus is.  Then when something goes wrong in their lives, they give blame to the other person. They judge and condemned.  They fill their mind, body and soul with the anger and hurt. They allow that bile to fester and infect their whole being.  Why don’t they give it to the Lord and smile? Do they not hear the words that they read?
If every person who spends their Saturday and Sunday listening to the Word of God and praising His name, became the church then maybe we will find peace. There would be no wars, no hunger. People will love each other regardless of their differences.
I try each and every day to correct what I can that is negative in my life. So that I can be as close to perfect as any living soul can be. I try not to judge, hurt or be malicious and if I fail I ask my God to help me be better.  I believe that’s the righteous way.

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  1. I believe God the creator of all that is loves us so deeply. I believe that he stuck his fingers into his own soul and pulled each one out, asking us to go wherever we go and be his representatives. It too makes me so sad when people who profess to know God seem often to be the least loving and forgiving, as if forgetting the love and forgiveness they want and need everyday. I too wake up every morning giving thanks for the breath of life I have been granted. I pray every night that If I wakntomorrow, I will be a better person than I was today. And when I wake, I remember what my goal is. I want to be love, give love, receive love and model love. That’s all. You do well at being beautiful dear Kim, always stay that way for it is what make me love you deeply. But if you didn’t, I would still love you deeply. Your friend for eternity. Sheri

  2. I really loved your wonderful and thoughtful expression of faith. Thank you for sharing it. I agree that if going to church/mosque etc is the sum total of someone’s religion it doesn’t do much good, but perhaps these people will come round to a greater understanding in time.

  3. You know why so many agree with you because you speak pure truth. I can’t tell you how many times I ask these same questions. People are so quick to pass judgment because a person does not attend a church. I get this all the to e. Its like if you don’t go to church your life won’t get better or if you don’t go to church you missing out. I have a personal relationship with God that is unbreakable. I know who wakes me up, gives me life and orders my footsteps. I know who protects me, who loves me unconditionally, who helped me to turn many trials and tribulations into testimonial conversations, who has never abandoned me. When I say I thank you for this poem…I truly do. Your words really touched me. Thank you for speaking your truth. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. I’m glad you can relate. Years ago I told an employee that I didn’t believe in religion. Some months later something happened, too long ago to remember exactly what. But I told someone I’ll pray for you. The same employee was quick to say I thought you didn’t believe in God. I told that wasn’t what I said. People misconstrue religion with faith and one has nothing to do with the other. I witness so many “Christians” behaving other than. Their excuse is God forgives. If you know it’s wrong why do it?

    1. Thanks much. I have come to this realization a long time ago. Many people think I don’t believevin God when I say I don’t t believe in religion. Thanks for the visit.

  4. I love that you seek peace and harmony. I too can not remember quotes. I learn the essence of the quote, absorb it or not and move on.

  5. Incredible. So beautifully written, and I immensely enjoy your poetic words, such as “my son shedding the dark cloak of his past to darn the clothes of a successful achiever” and choosing to not ‘dribble’ your beliefs on others. Your writings always move me, inspire me, and make me think. Thank you so much dear one.

  6. Everything you said here bore witness with my spirit, and i rejoiced at your believing words….You are truly a woman of faith, gentle in spirit and wise and courageous…..all the things that should be esteemed in a woman…. really loved the quote and your thoughts, and enjoyed getting to know you a little better. It is nice to connect with kindred spirits in this huge cyber world……Here’s to faith, love and truth…..may we continue on with them deep in our hearts and set a blaze to the path we tread upon….. Thank you, my friend…..

    1. Thank you Celeste. I read your post and feel your faith and enlightenment with your words. I want to spread peace and harmony in my total circumference and by His power it will spread all over. Together we can be two little ladies help the world be a better place. Hugs to you. 🙂

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