Art Game- W- 27- Disco Lights


I use to love shouting this when I was young and out parting all because I could shout MF and not get dirty looks.

Still Gramma’ing Monday to Thursday. Enjoying it very much. But it’s tiring.

I found time before leaving this morning to play another week of ART Games with Dolly at All About Lemons!! A disco scene. The memories I have. I was young and tender and made the young men surrender…oh, sorry Art Game.  This should be a great one. We have fun every week seeing the new additions. Come on join in. Don’t miss the fun!!

Check out Dolly’s blog at All About Lemons. She has some really interesting things happening there besides the Art Game. So join in the fun.

Here are some guidelines to follow:


*Every Wednesday I will post a new image for us to play with. So just visit this page to check for it.


*Everyone is welcome to participate. Once you added your image or picture on our Art Game, feel free to post it on your blog and link to this page- ART GAME page. You can add some haikus or poem on your image as you like, but this is optional.


*Please and this is very important and sensitive among the rules – always attached or add “ART GAME” to your Post Title when you publish your art game’s image. And always at all time link the ART GAME page to your post:


*Each participants could add one image/picture he or she chooses on the ART GAME’s image in that particular week or event one at the time until another player placed his/her image. Just then he/she can add another image of his choice. *Use your imagination and have fun with it. Refrain from cutting or altering the original image and just add your image in it.


*If you do not have a blog, send your image in my mail,, so that I could post them in this page.


*After a week I will post the finish product, linking all the bloggers or players who participated and then we are ready for another image to begin with.


*This is not a competition it is just merely for our fun in blogging. It would serve as a challenge though, hehehe, which is the good thing in it. Right?


*Always check or view the updates of the image we play in that week, to avoid alteration of the image.


*By adding the Art Game Logo below to your blog space, you could easily check the updates of our image.

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  1. How is anybody to compare – picture adding wise or story telling wise, you disco gal you…. I bet they surrendered with a thump at your feet…. hahaaaaaaa 🙂

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