the #FridayFictioneers

I’m adding another entry to Madison Woods Friday Fictioneers exercise. I hope you like it as much as last weeks entry.  I don’t mind if you critique. I love to hear what you think. Below is the photo prompt. Low Grape Vines.

Gran took a brown paper bag out to her garden and filled it with ears of corn, cucumbers, green peppers and tomatoes. Gran, my sister and I went to Mrs. Wilson’s back yard and sat under the grape-vine canopy. My sister and I ate freshly picked concord and green grapes. Gran and Mrs. Wilson gossiped.

With purple lips and fingers we followed Gran and her sack, now filled with grapes home.  The grapes were tossed in the kitchen sink. They weren’t seen again until they were poured in wine glasses for Thanksgiving dinner. They were so much sweeter.

43 thoughts on “the #FridayFictioneers

  1. I could taste the grapes as I read it! One little suggestion – “We tossed the grapes into the kitchen sink” might be a stronger visual and be a bit stronger than “The grapes were tossed into the kitchen sink” – loved it! (Now, I want to go find some grapes to eat)

  2. Nice little story. I’m left wondering if Gran had meant to kindly give Mrs. Wilson the grapes, but kept them because she could see Mrs. Wilson had more and better ones? Anyhow, everything turned out well!

  3. I enjoyed it….a nice summer day, women gossiping, kids stained from juicy fruit….and the yummy wine on Thanksgiving! Oh how I would love a glass of that!

  4. I think this line might havea typo: ” I weren’t seen again until they were poured in wine glasses for Thanksgiving dinner”. Should it be “They weren’t seen”?

      1. Typos…Dusty Richards calls them prairie dogs. Just when you think you’ve gotten them all, another pops up his furry little head.

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