Taking a Reading Break

Good morning Lovely Word Press Folks,
NY is is in the beautiful 70’s and we might have some rain this afternoon. Yipppppe!!!

I’m taking a week off to finish reading The Fifty Shades Trilogy.  I’ve been trying to read them  since May. I just couldn’t get through the first book. I was talking to some one Friday,  she told me a little about the next book. I want to read about what she told me, so I picked it back up on Friday night and spent yesterday reading. In a few pages I will be on the second book.  I like sex but every other page in this book is a sex scene or Ana is thinking about sex.  Nothing against E. L. James, but if all I need to do to get a best seller is write a sex story. Well I have a lot of them..… I’ll be reading emails in between, everyone knows I try to read everything and get stressed when I fall behind.  I just won’t be posting anything until I finish these books. Everyone stay well and enjoy the week. Hugs!!!

24 thoughts on “Taking a Reading Break

  1. Hugs too and I hope you are well. As for those books I personally wouldn’t bother with that kind of book and I’ve read a lot of bad reviews of that trilogy, mostly saying it’s a badly written soft porn rip off of Jayne Eyre.

  2. Oh, Kim . . . I just couldn’t do it. Whether it be the content or the mass appeal, I am so turned off from reading these books. You will have to let me know how you liked them.

  3. I’ve heard this from a few people. Apparently the writing in that book blows, but it sells because if the massive sex content. I don’t get it, because there’s plenty of that around

  4. Read on, I am almost on Fifty Shades Darker, can’t we read for pleasure, does all reading have to be sacred “LITERATURE” in my best British Accent? Enjoy, I am 😉

      1. Yes, I am, but if you don’t like Harlequin Presents or Ann Rice’s romances written under a pseudonym, I can see why you may not enjoy this read 😉

  5. Good luck silentlyheardonce, I have chosen not to read Fifty Shades of Great because of what it represents. I like a good romance story now and then. But I see too many excellent authors who are writing quality books that can’t make it. I’ve chosen not to support one that is helping destroy everything good authors believe in so I will only know what I occasionally hear about fifty shades of grade and be okay with that for my writing goes on. See you when you are caught up on your reading. I need to get back to blogging I’ve had to be away now for awhile.

    1. I admire your stand. Sex sells and so far that’s all she’s sold. She also makes it know that she owns a thesaurus. I like to play with words but I try not to confuse my readers by making them look up a new word on every page or so. Back to reading.

      1. lol…. I like a good dose of sultry, but the story means more within the context of other things going on, like conflict, and mystery, and some heart wrenching mechanisms thrown in the mix….. I agree…..

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