Finished Reading and Back to Blogging

Finished Reading and Back to Blogging

Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, Fifty Shades Freed   By: E. L. James


I have finally finished this trilogy of 1246 pages with more than half of it being soft porn which turned me off.  This was on my niece’s HS reading list requirements last year. Could you imagine?

It started off slow. The main character was bland and boring. James has a thesaurus and uses words that kept me using my nook’s dictionary feature. That is a turn off. I like words but I learned you want the story to flow, to reach your audience. So I save my thesaurus for my poems unless I need a word to keep from being redundant.

The first few sex stories help to move the story forward.  I even had to fan my brow a bit. Whew!! However the sex stories began to get tired. They were basically the same. I was ready to stop reading all together, but being that I purchased the trilogy I didn’t want to waste my good money. I also became intrigue when someone shed light on the story.

I began skipping the sex stories just so I could get to the end. Don’t get me wrong, I like the fantasy love. In fact I’m writing one. I like sex, even wish I could have some to refresh my memory.  I wrote sex in the novel I’m writing but I cooled it down during revision to avoid writing porn.  I want to showcase my talent.  E. L. James developed Anastasia and Christian characters as horny rabbits. I was young and horny once but damn. Where is the story?! They fell in lust instead of love. They were intrigue with each other and received mutual sexual satisfaction. Love doesn’t happen until book two.

E. L. James has talent and was able to pique my interest when I read the final pages of book 2. In book three I was totally drawn in at the last 250 pages.  If she deleted some of the porn and developed some of the other characters I think I would have gotten my money’s worth. As it is E. L. James wrote these novels to make money and get attention. In that she succeeded.  She also inspired me to work on my novel.

Now that I finished the trilogy, I have one more week of grandma duty.  I will soon be free to devote time to my blog. As you all know I am a devoted follower, I must catch up on my reading which I missed. I also missed sharing my work.

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  1. Yes – listening to all those “Holy Shits” is almost torture — I do think I may be getting to the batter part as she’s realizing it is love and he may be be getting the same felling. We shall see . 🙂 Liked your post … as I has nobody to discuss this all with!! Sending good thoughts ~R

  2. Hi Robyn,
    I would imagine listening is far worst. I started going forward on my nook. Yes it’s been a while since I was a young girl. But I kind of felt she took to his perversions too easily. The end of book to gets better. Book three has sex but its not the whole book. You’ll get some story. Enjoy.

  3. Hi Kim…so good to see you back! I am doing the audio of 50 Shades — with my physical stuff it’s hard for me to hold books for long periods. I’m up to bookIII and soooo not impressed. I think they took all the spirituality out of the sex! For a young college girl who never kissed a boy before, Miss Steel is very nonchalant about everything she’s encountering in the world of Mr. Gray …and says, “Holy Shit”, and “Oh My” way ~too many times! Well, that’s my take for now… I agree with you — needs more of a storyline too. Stay cool ~ R

  4. Hi Kim, I’ve been absent for awhile, too, just lack of time! Your opinion was interesting and I’ve never read the book, but probably won’t after reading your take on it. I, too, am a Nicholas Sparks fan and I wish he’d write a new one soon! I also love Nora Roberts and Sandra Brown; enjoy some suspense, but not horror or gore~anyway, glad you’re back and I wish you all the best on your book. That’s very exciting! xx

  5. We are definitely on the same page. I told Cara above that I like my sex sprinkled not splattered.

    I stopped writing the first draft of my novel when I got sick. I want to read up to where I left off. Problem is I can’t read without editing. I have two more days of babysitting and hope to get discipline and start working on it regularly.

  6. I have been putting off reading that book for quite some time now. It’s just been sitting in my Kindle app on my iPad. Anybody that has any taste in literary works (well, whom I believe have any taste) have all said that, if you can read past the boring pornographic scenes in this work, that it could actually be worth reading.

    I’m TDY at the moment so I might just be desperate and bored enough to actually give it a read (desperate is such a harsh word). But as you mentioned the author definitely succeeded in getting attention and sales, regardless if this were quality work or not. I may just post my own review about this book in the near future.

      1. I’ve read plenty of negative reviews about it myself. I just tried reading the first couple of pages and found myself wanting to scratch my eyes out… *sigh*

        Such is life I suppose. I’ll resume at a later time….

  7. YAY! Glad you are back! I LOVE good sex scenes in a book, but they should be written tastefully and recur throughout the book without overdoing it,as if that is all they do like rabbits….there has to be a story for the readerto be personally invested.. I hope the story I am writing strikes a good balance, and shows of my skills, passion, and class, and of course a good dose of non- slutty naughtiness,,,LOL….I an excited to hear you too are writing a book….. good luck with it and look forward to reading it some day….. 🙂
    love to you

  8. Hi there, I started the first book (because my co-workers were raving about it) and really, if you have a sex life you are happy and satisfied with…the book doesn’t really do anything for you regardless of the “style” they embark on. I’m going to take the book back and get a store credit. Just my two cent opinion, not speaking for anyone else. Happy you are back!!!!

  9. Hey Kim, nice to see your smiling face…
    The daughter read 1 1/2 books.. got bored, and didn’t finish them… She commented about the same as you have. I’m not bothering; my memories will suffice… hehehehe…
    Good to see you back..! 🙂

  10. After this, hearing your thoughts about the books as a whole, I still have no desire to read them. I thank you, though, for elucidating so nicely what it was that drew you in and turned you off. It sounds as if there IS story there, only that it’s marred by incessant love-scenes where lust is most prevalent.

    Have you read Outlander, Kim? I tell ya . . . woo! Never, ever, ever have I read a book that “does” for me what 50 Shades is apparently doing for women across the globe. For me, though, a strong foundation and moral characters are imperative if I am to be ready for strong love-scenes. Diana’s Jamie and and Claire the two most real characters I have ever read. So much so that I can often times see them far better than my own.

    Happy reading!
    ~ Cara

    1. No I haven’t read Outlander. I’m going to look for it. I’m a Nicholas Spark kind of love story person. But I do like a little spice in stories. Sprinkled not splattered. 😀

      1. LOL! Nicely put. And yes, typically I am not one for racy scenes, but the characters are so abundantly fleshed out that you are literally keening for them to . . . well, you get the idea. 😉

    2. No I haven’t read Outlander. I’m going to look for it. I’m a Nicholas Spark kind of love story person. But I do like a little spice in stories. Sprinkled not splattered. 😀
      I need the author, there are several Outlander books.

  11. I haven’t heard anything really good about the series. I will add that to my long list of what NOT to read…If I ever give reading a chance.

  12. I think you are the third blogger I’ve read to be put of by this ‘porn’ bit in this book. And mind you, you are putting it mildly. Looking forward to having you back, Kim

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