Madison Woods-FridayFictioneers

Greetings and Salutations!
I’m submitting another 100 word photo prompt story for Madison Woods -FridayFictioneers.
I really enjoy doing these. It is a real challenge writing a story with only 100 words. Here’s mine and I’m proud to say it’s exactly 100 words.

Ever since I met Linda I planned the perfect picnic. After asking over and over, here we are walking hand in hand to my favorite spot in the woods, under the wild grapes. I will boast about fermenting them last year and surprise her with a taste of my finest. I will share my dream of producing vintage wine and selling it. In the future I hope to have my own vineyard.
“It’s hard to believe this languid day,” I say, “two nights ago we had that horrific storm. Just around the bend … My grapes! The storm destroyed them.”

24 thoughts on “Madison Woods-FridayFictioneers

  1. I thought the end sad but also hopeful. He can share his loss with the girl, maybe it’ll bring them together. Congratulations for saying so much in so few words.

  2. I like that. It’s that thing of life being what happens to us whilst we’re making plans, plus I like the way you turned that seriously gross picture into something slightly romantic and avoided the potentially gruesome aspects of the picture. Shows that you have a friendly and humane mind with balanced and humane thoughts.

      1. I don’t know you personally, obviously, but I think that you are a brilliant writer and, from what I read, an inspirational person. You should think highly of yourself. I’m no more an expert on people than anyone else, but I know language and the written word and your words reveal an intelligent, gentle, insightful and caring mind.

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