Evil, Hate and Racism~ It Ain’t Peace!

 Hearts bleeding salted tears of anger,

our humanity, is in danger.

Destruction is savagely blind,

creating corruption of the mind.

Mathematics doesn’t measure,

when the innocent die for pleasure.

Justification and obtuse excuses,

erection of hate oozes.

Liars deceive, murders kill,

and dead is dead,


Guns are fired,

by thugs sucking pacifiers.


I see what shouldn’t be seen,

I hear what shouldn’t be heard,

and feel what’s hard to be felt.

It ain’t peace!

K. Wilhelmina Floria 8/2012

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18 thoughts on “Evil, Hate and Racism~ It Ain’t Peace!

  1. Powerful and heartfelt. The language conveys violence intrinsically via the sounds of the words chosen. I love the phrase ‘thugs sucking pacifiers’ because ‘thumbs’ and thugs sound so similar that the syllabic resemblance followed by ‘sucking doubles the connotative meaning; additionally the phrase is so imbued with images of babies that it grates against the track of thought with the violence and makes the threat within the language stronger. Great stuff!

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