America a Third World Country

FOR those who live in states THAT ARE NOT voter suppressed. Please make sure you know where your polling places are. The notices were sent out in Queens, NY 2-3 weeks ago. My polling place has been changed. The GOP knows that they WILL NOT WIN FAIR AND SQUARE SO THEY ARE CHEATING AND USING CHEAP TRICKS. They are betting that you will not notice the change. Go to the wrong polling place, get frustrated and not vote. DO NOT ALLOW THEM TO WIN THIS WAY. Call or go on-line to check your polling place with your local board of elections. I’m sure these changes were made to prevent the overcrowding that occurred in 2008. Just be aware.

This election campaign is disgusting. The open racism is horrible. I’ve heard people who support the GOP say they are not racist but believe POTUS is not doing a good job. They believe this because they are not checking the facts. They blindly believe the shit the Romney camp is spreading. He and his ignorant and scary Vice President choice, told us they plan to cut taxes for the rich. Raise taxes for the middle class. They say the wealth will trickle down. Someone had an example of a cake. The rich get the cake, the middle class gets the crumbs and the poor gets, well, we get the plate to lick. Yea I’m poor, I depend on Social Security Disability and Medicare. I worked for over 30 years. I paid my FICA!! If I wasn’t sick I would still have a nine to five. I didn’t ask for this life. I’m not lazy. For those who think I am, please take my chronic back pain, knee pain, foot pain, the headaches and the sleepless nights. Oh, I can’t forget this trigger finger, this pain cannot be described. You can have it and I will gladly go back to work.

America must be terrified of the Uncle in the white house. They are so afraid, that they are willing to elect a lying, racist, anti-American with a scary masochistic smile who has sociopath tendencies to be commander and chief.

The Republicans want to overturn the Health Care Reform Act, (what they disrespectfully call ObamaCare.) The GOP plans to change Medicare into a voucher program. Those who rely on Medicare you will not be able to afford on-going care and medication. I for one, with lupus am very afraid. Some of my medication for a month supply cost well over $3,000.00. I may as well purchase more life insurance, it’ll be cheaper. This way my children might get some help financially after the GOP kills me. Sad thing is they won’t even be put on trial for murder after killing me.

I asked one of my doctors how he felt about  the Health Care Reform Act. He said it won’t work, because he, as a private physician, won’t make any money. I wonder how much money he will make on the Medicare voucher program. We will have to go back to the days of using the ER as our primary doctors. Hey doc, are you ready to work back in the hospitals.

The Romney/Ryan team wants to overturn Roe vs. Wade, (do away with legalized abortions and birth control.) I had an abortion when I was 15.  It was done in a hotel room. At the time I didn’t know it was illegal. It was basically done with a vacuum cleaner. God was with me because I gave birth to three healthy children years later. Many women weren’t so lucky. Imagine having to go to a back alley and have a hanger pushed up your body and hopefully yank out a fetus. Praying and hoping that the person doing the pulling gets it all.

Why do they want to overturn Roe vs. Wade, you might ask? Are the powerful rich white men afraid of their race becoming extinct? Do they believe this backward move will help increase the white population? I personally believe it will further destroy it. When those who don’t want to have babies go to the back ally abortionists, many will die from botched jobs. It won’t be the black and Latino women. They won’t be able to afford them. So the white men will be causing further genocide to the white race.

Imagine having baby after baby and no health insurance. Hell, no job because you don’t live in India or China somewhere. They may as well stop manufacturing drugs for penile erectile dysfunction because woman ain’t going to be giving it up. You men will have to either introduce yourselves to Han’a, condoms or go back to the pull it out before you cum method.

President Barack Obama is doing a good job considering how fucked up the Republicans left this economy, with the outsourcing of jobs, Wall Street bailouts and two unproductive wars. Just a reminder the war was started on the pretense of going after Bin Laden. But Bush went after Saddam Hussein and his weapons of mass destruction. Saddam didn’t bring the towers down. President Obama gave the order to kill Bin Laden. Who cares if Hilary Clinton or his advisers told him to give the order? The bottom line is it happened in 2012 not 2002!

Our President prevented a greater depression. How is it, America forgot what it was like in 2007? Our President cares about America and all of her people. It is self-evident by just looking at the faces of the children. They know instinctively a good person. White Americans who believes they are superior are so blinded by hate to see that.

The rich will get richer, the middle class will be poor and the poor will be on the soup line. Trust me, the PWT’s (poor white trash) that help put the greedy, self-centered lying Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in office will suffer the most. They are using their fear, their mistrust of this black man to convince them that the president is a Muslim born in Africa. They conveniently forgot he was raised by a mid-west white woman. Our President has shown his birth certificate numerous times. The Donald and the Romney camp is betting on you being too stupid to realize he wouldn’t have made it this far in office if he was born in Africa.

Do they believe the American people are so stupid? That a man who has worked hard to get where he is, would think it is okay for people to sit around and collect welfare. If you believe that you are stupider than I thought. Ask any of your friends or family member’s who are on Public Assistance/Welfare, ask them if they have to go to work programs to keep their benefits.

Another thing that has me fuming is what does Mr. Presidents thoughts, on gay marriages have to do with him securing a second term in office? He is not going to change the constitution to mandate every state  to allow and recognize gay marriages. Correct me if I’m wrong, wasn’t Massachusetts the first state to allow Gay marriages? Isn’t that the state Romney was governor of? Well same-sex marriages were recognized five months after he was out of office. But still, I’m just saying.

There are many more issues to consider, student loans. Our presidents fought to defer interest rates on student loans. Our president is looking for alternative means of providing energy for all the technologies and transportation we use today. Jobs! Our president has offered tax incentives to companies that bring factories back to the states. Remember his opponent outsourced jobs while at Bain Capital, putting thousands and thousands of people out of work.

Come November 6, 2012, show not only the Republican, GOP, and the tea party but the world that is watching, that America, one of the riches countries in the world that its people are not stupid. Trust me if Romney becomes president of these great United States of America , our children will be on TV asking for money to feed them. This country 236 years young will become a third world country.

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  1. Excellent post, Kimberly – excellent. And that cartoon rhyme is fantastic. Trickle-down stew – SPEW!

  2. Incredible post. The way you are able to write so vividly about your own very personal health, financial, and reproductive experiences, and then tie those experiences to the current political and policy choices is special and important. Thanks for being so open and honest.

    1. Thank you so much. It’s the reading of yours and others that fueled my concerns, anger and very real fear pertaining to the outcome of this presidential election. I hope that I can change one person’s view. Then my writing this is a success.

  3. I’m not in politics myself, but you made some good points, I need to share this on facebook. I’m not much into election when it comes to they trying to belittle one another. But I know for a fact what you shared here need to be read! We have come along way since Obama bn in the house! Thank you for sharing, kk back to work I go!

    1. I never was very political either. I usually went with the status quo. But as I grew closer to retirement age I became concern with social security. Now it’s personal. Our president is a good man. He cares about the real American people.

  4. “Trickle down” already indicates that those on the bottom don’t get much. It’s amazing that Ryan and his pal actually state with no apparent shame that poor people will benefit when they give money to rich people. Yes, they are trying to rig the election again. But now they have the demographics and polling down to a T, so they have a very good chance of succeeding – IF people don’t get wise to them.

    1. I believe they can win too, if people don’t seek the facts instead of swallowing the garbage they are feeding the American people. It is frightening.

      Thanks for taking the time to read. 🙂

      1. Thank you. Get out the vote! and not just in NY and CA, but in those counties in Florida and Ohio and Pennsylvania that they’re targeting. It’s no wonder they’re against free public education.

  5. I’m not a United States citizen; though, I hope Barack Obama becomes president again, you know America is a great country and its policies has a widespread effects all over the world. and I am with Obama’s medicare, It’s truly just.

  6. In regards to your post on presidential candidates. It is a disgrace that our country allows mudslinging and unacceptable behaviors. These people are suppose to be the leaders of our country and the role model for our children. We as people must remember that a president cannot make all the decisions alone. We must look and see what backing they will have in Congress. I have to applaud Obama for walking away from some of the derogatory comments. Romney scares me for several reasons, he is not politically correct when he talks to other countries, he doesn’t know what he says half of the time, and if he thinks he can run the country like he’s run his own household he’s wrong. His running mate is a glory seeker in my opinion. Obama’s health care scares me and I am angry that the only answer anyone has is to cut medicare. Let’s look at where the big money is being spent. How about cutting some congressional salaries? I think the American people need to be voting on those salaries and anything else that has a direct impact on our lives. It is time to take back America and its constitution.

    1. I agree on everything but the Health Care Reform. I utilized it in 2010 when insurance became affordable for people with pre-exsisting conditions. It literally saved my life. I couldn’t afford insurance and the city hospital, though I received excellent care, they couldn’t give me the test that diagnosed me with Pulmonary Hypertension. Last year I was using Oxygen, since the test and diagnosis I went for physical therapy, which I couldn’t go to before. I was given a medication that allowed me to breath with out oxygen. I’m able to walk a few blocks without having to stop and catch my breath. Also now that I’m on medicare this year I don’t have a co-pay for my medication because of extra help which is a federally funded program. I didn’t get that extra help last year.

      1. I am happy that you are able to get the medical care you need. I am still cautious about any new medical program until I see it proven. I’ve done without myself too much and I can’t afford to loose what little I have.

  7. This was an excellent blog. I am very impressed. I hope you don’t mind but I am going to reblog this because it is important. I also want to invite you to visit my blog. Hugs, Barbara

    1. Hi Barbara,
      I am already following you. I think I started following from a Fiction Friday post. Anyhoo thank you very much for the compliment and for the reblog. It is so exciting. You are the third person to reblog this post tonight. I should be sleeping now. But can’t stay away from wordpress tonight. 🙂

  8. Excellent post. I agree with you and walthe310 in thinking that the U.S. has reached third world country status. Our health care, education, and poverty levels are even surpassed by some of those “third-world” countries. It sickens me that a country as wealthy as the U.S. has anybody in poverty at all…and that there isn’t health care for all. Anyways, great post!!

    1. All the entertainers go to Africa to adopt babies, to help feed the children of Africa. I will never forget Orrah saying when she asked American children what they wanted. They said video games,, ipods…ect. The children in Africa asked for uniforms so they could go to school. Her wealth has made her so detatched that she didn’t realize that uniforms help the African children belong. The American children asked for what this country, society shows as acceptable. Wealth and greed. Education in the US is free and given to every child. Our children don’t see it as a gift. They don’t understand the importance of education. They don’t care or know if they are receiving a good education or not okay this will have to be a post. My bottom line the entertainers don’t have to go far to spread humanitarian tithes. Sorry if there are errors I’m typing on kindle.

      1. Education in the States is not recognized as important. It is funded last, no one pushes the fact that the children are this countries future. Parents are allowed to demean the schools, the teachers, and the education. There are no consequences any more. It is time Education is recognized as a profession worthy of its potential. That includes professional salaries, allowing the professionals to set the guidelines and congress stepping out of the picture. Consequences have to exist and parents need to be held accountable for their children’s education as well as the school. It is time to put pride not only in our country but in our future which are the children.

        1. You’re right. If a child is in public school their future isn’t important. If you can’t afford to give your child a private education, oh well too bad. If a child doesn’t show potential, then some of the teachers don’t waste their time. Who could blame them? They have classes of well over 30 students, the majority of their time is spent on discipline. Parents aren’t parenting. They have to work and get home late in the evening, they have to prepare dinner. By the time dinner is done, it’s time to bathe and go to bed. Everyone is tired and cranky. This is not to mention the fear of being accused of sexual and physical abuse. It is sad. When I was growing up we respected the teachers, it was out of fear but still we behaved. Teachers were able to spank then. Parents can’t even spank their children without Child Abuse Police get involved.

  9. You know Kim that I’m an aussie…. an aussie who doesn’t want to get involved in another country’s political issues… I just want to say, I find all that you have said (from my long distance viewing of your politicians agendas) to be a very accurate portrayal of the ‘lay of the land’. Just saying; and I won’t be saying anymore… not my business… !

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    FOR those who live in states THAT ARE NOT voter suppressed. Please make sure you know where your polling places are. The notices were sent out in Queens, NY 2-3 weeks ago. My polling place has been changed. The GOP knows that they WILL NOT WIN FAIR AND SQUARE SO THEY ARE CHEATING AND USING CHEAP TRICKS.

    1. Ha! You are certainly funny. I’ve been reading all these political blogs here, on FB and twitter. They all say the same things. Even with my bad memory some things stick. But thanks for the confidence in my ability. I just hope some of the people who are being fooled read this and wake up. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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