Madison Woods Friday Fictions

This is this weeks Madison Woods Fiction Friday photo prompt.

This week photo credit goes to Maggie Duncan.  Thanks to you both.

I didn’t participate last week because of fallen far behind in answering my word press emails. I am no closer this week to be caught up then I was last week. The difference is I’m not going to pass this week up.  I woke early to write a poem and hope those who read it enjoy it. Please feel free to comment, critique gently or advice. Thanks and enjoy your weekend.

The Heartbeat of Nature

Whispers of a gentle breeze

rolling out to sea.

Bouncing bunnies, chattering birds,

the heartbeat of nature is heard.

The sun’s powerful radiance,

shares a warm presence.

Kissing the dew off bathing flowers,

butterflies flight in rays of showers.

The sound of natures will,

a dark eye doe, is safe and still.

She flees in fear,

for danger is near.

Leaves crack and rustle,

beneath man’s disturbing bustle.

Nature’s heart shouts a pounding beat,

not willing to give into defeat.

Loud egos storms the hour,

lusting domination, power,

destruction and mutiny.

Stilling nature’s pure symphony.


44 thoughts on “Madison Woods Friday Fictions

    1. Thank you for reading. I was going to participate again, I enjoy the challenge. I try to read all the blogs I follow. Right now I’m over whelmed , I can’t get my emails down past 300.

      The nature v man thing. I had to use long ago memories. I live in Queens, NY. Queens use to be rural when I was growing up and now every empty lot has a building. It is sad.

  1. That’s a perfect depiction of dawn; the quiet of morning and the human noise and chaos that follows. The binary polarities of the natural world juxtaposed with the unnatural human ‘superimposition’ on the natural world. Lovely poem and I’m up early today and even in this small city it was silent enough to hear the birds before the traffic began. You capture that brilliantly.

    1. Thanks Ricky. I had to stir youthful memories to write this. I grew up in the city, but spend summers at my aunt’s house who lived near a forest. But even those are almost gone. As always your feedback are most welcome.

  2. Thank you for stopping by and for your kind words.
    I like your poetry and it flows well together, well done.

    My offering this week can be found at

      1. You very welcome, I’m not! lol! Hope all is well on your end… Believe I move to my favorite subject and come back to math for awhile.. its truly kicking my butt! lol..

  3. Wow it starts out sort of light-hearted — Bouncing bunnies, chattering birds,
    the heartbeat of nature is heard. The sun’s powerful radiance, — and then man, the great danger appears and —Stilling nature’s pure symphony. Great job on this poem!

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