Madison Wood-Friday Fictioneer-Clouds in Toronto

With trying to catch up on reading all the blogs I follow, it seems that the only chance I get to post these day is on Fridays for Madison Woods 100 word writing challenge Friday Fictioneer.

As always critiques and comments are welcome. Thank you both Madison Woods and Stacy Plowright for you beautiful photo.


Photo by Stacy Plowright – “Clouds in Toronto”




“At least I got to see Niagara Falls from the Rainbow Bridge. The guy at the tollbooth said Toronto wasn’t too far. But with Uncle Victor not wanting any help reading the map and Aunt Tee just one light beer away from being sloshed, we may not get there for hours. The fact of the matter, we might be sightseeing across Canada for months before we get back to the States. The plan is to stop in Seattle than make it all the way to Alaska.” I sit back and sigh. “Until then I’ll enjoy the ride, scenery and clouds.”

15 thoughts on “Madison Wood-Friday Fictioneer-Clouds in Toronto

  1. I feel her pain…and, being a map reader myself, her frustration! At least if it takes months, she’ll get to see a lot on the way. 🙂

    In this part, “stop in Seattle than make”, you want “stop in Seattle, then make”.

  2. I really enjoyed this, Kim. But I have to tell you, the poem you wrote last week truly blew me away. There isn’t an artist I respect more than a really gifted poet. And you are gifted. This story only reinforces that! Great stuff!

    1. I had an aunt and uncle who turned every road trip into a adventure. Beer, snacks even a potty so we could go in the car and dump the waste on the side of the road. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  3. I’m a little confused by this piece – it seems like “we might be sightseeing across Canada for months before we make it back to the States” is an exageration, but then you talk about going to Seattle on the way to Alaska – which suggests there’s a plan to drive most of the way across Canada, then go south to go north. Maybe I’m misreading it though.

    I like the character you give to Uncle and Aunt – she’s obviously not giving much attention to the scenery, unlike your narrator!

    Thanks for stopping by mine – for your readers, I’m over here –

    1. They Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge from NY to Canada near Niagara Falls. The teenage protagonist is being sarcastic about taking months going from east to west to see Canada. Than they cross back over to the states in Washington because they want to see Seattle. Than travel to Alaska. This is all her thoughts which is why I used parenthesis.

  4. Wonderful writing, Kim! I felt as though I was riding right along with you, feeling frustration with Aunt Tee and Uncle Victor. Yet, still sighing in the beauty of nature on the way~ 🙂

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