Friday Fictioneers – Migrating Birds

Now I’m really blogging again. I’m wrote and entry for the Friday Fictioneers.  I was away for what seemed like a long time. I guess it was because I learned that Madison Woods isn’t hosting the 100 word prompt any more.

Our new host is Rochelle Wisoff-Fields-Addicted to Purple. Addicted to purple, what a wonderful thing to be addicted to. For I share the same addiction. So join us for the fun.

Here’s my entry. I welcome all kind and positive feed back.

Migrating Birds

The seagulls and pigeons always bullied the sparrows and starlings for the stale bread. So I put a bird feeder in the tree across from the diner. It’s just the right size for small birds. The seeds are endorsed by Audubon and guaranteed to attract migrating birds. Between the breakfast and lunch crowd I’ll sit in the back booth sip coffee and watch. I saw a black and white finch, a blue bird and a gray bird with white tail feathers. They haven’t tasted the seeds though. It seems the local sparrows and starlings are chasing them away.

52 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers – Migrating Birds

  1. Hi silentlyheardonce . Well done, it made me think deep. I love it.

    Very dominating view you had there as the onlooker. There was a hidden message of what us humans look like when we don’t share, and we become dominating to those who appear to be weak.

    Seems like those little birds knew what battles to pick.


  2. Sounds like the sparrows and starlings got to move a little higher on the pecking order! Glad you weren’t the only one who thought of birds when you saw the prompt.

  3. We all fear the Sparrows – wherever we are. I’ve been a Sparrow for a while, some time ago, but I repainted my feathers and learnt a new song, in shame. Well observed, well written and packed with meaning. Good stuff.

  4. This reminds me of the days we had a bird feeder in the back yard, although it began inadvertently as a squirrel feeder until we put a baffle on it! It was always fun to see the birds that were there. I especially liked the woodpeckers who came to visit the suet cake. Thanks for bringing all that to mind again. You thought outside the restaurant box. 🙂

  5. Dear Kim,

    Yours is a lovely tale that had me remembering my mother’s battles with squirrels poaching on the numerous bird feeders she had outside our kitchen window. Go sparrows!

    Welcome back.



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