Greed and Power


I woke up with Sandy knocking on the shores of NY. The wind blowing, the rain falling and trees swaying. Not a soul walking the streets. No buses rolling and only few cars passing by. The forecasters are predicting a monster of a storm. Even nicknamed it ‘Frankenstorm’. My thought went to the presidential election.

Being that this is an act of God, I believe God is casting his vote. He knows our president works well under pressure. Our president is passionate and sincerely cares about America’s sons and daughters. President Obama will provide relief and execute clean up expeditiously. He will handle this act of God with the same passion he feels for this country.

I personally will be happy when this election is over and our President Barrack Obama continues with his fine work. Most of all I will be happy when we get back to acting like caring intelligent beings. What this election has done is display the ugliness in humanity. It remind us all how ugly the United States of America is and can be.

Stupid me to thought we had evolved. That the greed that built this country may have actually matured to respect for our fellow-man. That we are actually equal regardless of religion, race, financial status or sexual orientation. Naive me.

It is and apparently always will be, the nature of the descendants of the European criminals and bastards to rob, steal and hoodwink the inhabitants of the world. Not just this little piece of earth in North America. The land they stole from the only native Americans. They took their lands and confined them to reservations. They went to lands in the East and stole people. What kind of individual steal human beings? People who have no regard for human life, that’s who. They flogged, raped and murdered these persons who they considered animals. When it is they who have the beastly mentality. It is greed and power that fuels their evil ways.

It was blood, sweat and tears of these Africans that built this country. They provided the labor that built the empires and riches that the Europeans proudly call “old money”. The Africans women were raped by their ‘masters’ and produced the people who are call African-Americans. These children were labeled nigger, than Negros, Colored and black to now they are labeled African-Americans. They are denied their American status. The shores of North America is the only shores they know. Many of whom can’t even trace their lineage to Africa.

These people were promised forty acres and a mule that was never received. Yet many accept this label as if it’s a badge of honor. Their blood is tainted with the blood of Europeans. They are orphans and no longer Africans. Do they call themselves European Americans. No they don’t yet they are foreigners to this land. They are Americans and so are the children born of the masters and slaves during the great holocaust of America. We who were born and raise here are Americans. We should not see the color of our skins and form prejudices. We need to learn how to see each other as humans, children of the creator.

Four years ago the people of America elected a black man president. A black man whose birth certificate was dispute. A black man raised by a white woman. A man who is an exemplary human being. A man who strives to do right. Who cares about America, just not the rich, the poor or middle class. He care about us all. But the European American’s don’t like the idea of a ‘Head Nigger in Charge.”

Fours ago I hoped that we would have the first black president. But in my heart I didn’t believe it would happen. I didn’t think I would see a black man as president in my life time. I guess the racist ‘good ol’ boys’ didn’t either.

When he became President the good ol’ boys put up walls and fought him with all they have. They lie on him and condemn him whenever possible. They don’t want a black man to fix this country. They rather a liar and thief to use this country as his own business venture. All the step the POTUS has put in place to save the reputation of this country will be undone. We will have the poor living on the streets, our children uneducated and the old suffering and dying. We will be not a third world country. Will be the third world country. Like slavery we will be the Americas dirty little secret that everyone will know about.

Hurricane Sandy is blowing through the east coast seven days before the fate of America will be decided. Man and his inflated ego believe he is in charge, that he can change fate. He can’t hear what God is saying, and God is raising His voice loud and clear. He is walking the earth and came under the name of Sandy. Just sit back and watch how our president takes care of the American people during and after this disaster. I’m not calling President Obama the Messiah, he is a man. But I do believe God has his back. Look at the babies, they smile, they laugh even one of his opponents grandson was drawn to this man. The babies know when the heart is pure. When President Obama talks to the people his smile is sincere. His whole being oozes with love, concern and respect for all his fellow humans.

President Obama is the most feared and respected man in the world. He is feared by the those who want to rob the American people and respected by the American people who don’t want to be robed. Vote on November 6 and vote for America.


8 thoughts on “Greed and Power

  1. Got.Ta.Love.That!!! Thanks for sharing your honest, unapologetic stance with us. I don’t know how many ways to say that you hit the nail right on the head. I’m hoping that your power is back on now. Ours was out until this past Thursday. God is good. It was merely an inconvenience. Could have been a lot worse. Yes, God is doing His work. There’s no way to ignore the timing of this storm.

    As always, thanks for sharing your voice!

    1. Thanks Love. Yes lights are back on. They came on Saturday a few hours after I left to stay with my daughter to wait out the black out. Yes it was an inconvenience. I left with my grandson because of the weather was suppose to get cold. Watching CNN and my nerves aren’t doing too well.

  2. That’s our girl! Raw, emotional, thought-provoking! Many American’s try to sound as if policy and fairness drive their choices at election time, but I fear many still vote based on income, prejudice and and religious belief. I am sick of rich, white men, who never missed a meal in their life, telling me they know what I am going through! Raise three grand kids on 40,000 a year, then tell me you understand! (I want to add that it isn’t just the men. Spoiled white women who live in luxury, push from behind the scenes to protect their lifestyle.)

    Yes, I know there are rich black men, as well as hispanic, arabic, asian and native american who also protect their wealth, but they have not yet been allowed to join the game as yet.

    I also know there are blacks, whites, hispanic, arabic, asian and native american people who would be more than qualified to run this country, and they would do it justice, if given the chance. I guess for now we just keep fighting the fight, though it does get tiring. But I think it is a fight worth the effort.

    Ok, this is me stepping off my soap box. 🙂 Well said Silent.

    1. May I just add my” way to go girl!!” It makes me proud to know someone that will stand up and say what they mean and mean what they say rather than all the flip flop so many do depending on who they are standing next to. Keep Preaching sister I am listening! God bless you!

    2. Sorry it took me so long to respond. Sandy has left me with no electricity. From what the news is saying it will be another 7 to 8 days b4 we r up n running. At the library charging phone 2morrow I’m going to my daughter for a few days.

      I am so glad you understand what I’m saying. You’re right we have to keep fighting. And praying.

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