My Hurricane Sandy Diary

Day 1 Monday

Sandy came with destruction and pandemonium first blowing rain. Than shook the house with heavy wind. The trees were swaying furiously. I watched an electrical line that was connected to the house swing. I had a feeling that our lights were going to go out. After dinner we were nice and cozy on the sofa watching TV. What we were watching I have no idea. The lights blinked off than popped back on for a second than went out completely. We gathered candles and flashlights. We were in disbelief that they were going to stay out. Eat the ice cream, three containers, not a challenge for me. I love ice cream. I moved upstairs and sleep with g-son. He happily tucked me in.

Day 2 Tuesday

C B my roommate and retired correction officer jumped into action. She went out to purchase extra flash lights, batteries and candles. She brought dry ice so that we could try and salvage the over abundance of food we have. Not one, not two but three freezer worth of meats. She purchased water. We didn’t need any because we use Dasani water and when it’s on sale we buy four to six cases. It just so happen, that it was on sale this day.

CB went out again and returned with Popeye’s chicken which we ate all day. Then she gathered our cell phones and my kindle so g-son will have something to do when night falls. She left for the bar to get our electronics charged.

Day 3 Wednesday

The refrigerator is leaking it is no longer cold. Eat all the left over’s. G-son was supposed to take something for a celebration in school. But there is no school so let’s eat the Oreo’s. CB took the electronics to the bar to charge again. Wish I had some board games that would help pass the time. Oh well I have some cards. We played a few games of concentration, a few games of go fish. We played some 21 and I tried to teach him how to play 500. We played until it got too dark to see.

CB returned with the electronics. It is Halloween and no candy. Sigh* CB’s niece has a book with scary stories. By candle light we read not so scary children stories.

I really hope the lights come on tomorrow. I don’t want to miss my shows come on. I’m not a big TV watcher. I only watch on Sunday and Thursday nights. On the other nights I’ll watch movies if I feel like some television.

Day 4 Thursday

The meats are melting. The house is getting cold. CB cooked all the bacon and eggs for breakfast.

I steamed some chicken wings. I cooked them until the meat was falling off the bones. I cut some carrots, celery and potatoes into the gravy and pulled the bones out the pot. I put my foot in the stew chicken that I turned into soup.

I’ve been sitting around with gloves on. For entertainment I’ve been reading a book. I’m use to reading on my Nook and Kindle it feels weird reading a real paper back. I let G-son play games on the Kindle. We play cards, talk and eat junk food.

I’m still sleeping with g-son and he’s still tucking me in. The thing is my sleep has been sporadic. I get up several times at night to go to the bathroom. I’m using a blanket I crotched. Tonight I’m going to take my comforter up to his room.

TV! I miss you so. Listening to the radio just doesn’t fill the void. I want to see all the devastation they are talking about. I want to be entertained by the actors on the TV. CB brought in Dunkin Donuts tonight.

Day 5 Friday

I slept good last night. It must have been that I was cold. I only went to the bathroom once. I boiled water and told g-son how to wash. We both got dressed. We had donuts for breakfast.

CB said there was going to be a storm and that starting tomorrow the temperature is going to drop. So I made arrangements to go to my daughter’s tomorrow to wait for the electricity to come back on.

G-son and I headed out to the library. The buses are FREE! Thanks mayor Bloomberg. We went to the library. G-son signed up an hour and half on the computer. I sat at a table with electrical sockets. I plugged in my cell and the kindle. I sat reading some of my emails, checking my FaceBook page and twitter.

They made an announcement that there would be a glow show in the lower level. G-son wanted to go see the show. It was fun. They read a Dr. Seuss story about glow. They had games and crafts. I should of thought of going to the library earlier in the week.

After the library we hopped on a free bus to take us a few blocks to Applebee’s. It would be twenty minute wait for the table. We went to the store and I got a few things for G-son. When we returned to Applebee’s we missed our table. But the hostess said a table will open up soon. G-son but on his man pants and told the hostess that a table opened up. G-son not use to restaurants gets up to get the waitress so we could order. We had Buffalo wings for an appetizer. We needed more napkins so guess what G-son does. Yep, gets up and finds the waitress to get more napkins. At this point I tell G-son we go to restaurants to have someone wait on us.

A guy came in and hugged our waitress and kissed her. G-son’s face twisted up and wanted to know why that man kissed her.

With full bellies we hop on another bus to go a few blocks to the movie theater. “Wreck it Ralph”. We both enjoyed it. When we got home it was nice and dark and time to go to bed.

Day 6 Saturday

Abandon ship day. We packed a few clothes, my medication and my laptop. I can’t wait to check my emails, blog, FB and twitter. I’ll get to watch some TV and get warm. I tell you it was cold last night.

We get to my daughter’s. I take all three grand kids to the supermarket and get the fixings for chili. I enjoyed it but it was a bit too spicy for the kids. I thought I was gentle with the cayenne pepper and Tabasco sauce. I refrained from putting red peppers in it. My favorite ice cream for dessert.

CB called that evening and said the electricity was back on. Yippeee!! It is too late to make transportation arrangements. So I will be going home on Monday. G-son’s school is being used as a shelter so there will be no school.

Day 7 Sunday

A quiet day. I don’t sleep well at my daughters so I’m too tired to read my blog emails. I followed a little of twitter. I was getting anxious about the election. Glad the electricity is back on so I can get out and vote with no problem on Tuesday.

My two g-sons got into a spat which ended up with one getting in trouble. He got a little to dramatic. He demanded that g-son that lives with me get out. Tomorrow a school day and G-son and I go home.

Day 8 Monday

We have a 11:19am pick up. Why are we ready so early? Wait a minute my watch says 10:15am and the cable box says 9:15am. Oh man day light savings time. Damn, I could have got an earlier ride. That power outage really confused me.

We get home, shower and I wash our clothes. We eat and just lay around and chill. Slowly we are back to normal.

Tomorrow is Election Day. Early to bed early to rise, we plan to get on the line early to vote.

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