Don’t Talk About My People!!

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“It would be a great thing if half the people screaming Obama would stop the dumb shit they be doing… like killing other black men. Treating the black woman with no respect and forgetting about their kids… Obama is a man that don’t shoot people.. he loves his wife b4 all and raises his kids… just saying..” ~Donovan King Cyrus Royall

The above was someone’s status on my Face Book page. I read it the day after the Presidential Election. I was up late waiting to hear the President’s acceptance speech. I was tired and I was reading on my kindle early in the morning. The picture I saw was of a white woman. So I left the following comment.

“Obama is our hero and role model. The wounds of slavery and segregation are deep. Wounds inflicted by greedy white men and woman. It is they whole created the character of the black people. Their fear killed our hero’s and mad us angry. As history shows we hurt ourselves. I’m just saying.”

I refrained from adding. ‘You should be happy that they don’t turn their guns on you and your families.’ I know that’s harsh, mean and ill nature which isn’t the persona I reveal often. I am human and anger does sometimes gets the best of me. I do promote peace and the love of my fellow human. I respect you and in return I demand respect back.

Later in the day I got on my desktop and discovered I made an error. It was not a white woman but a young black man. I explained to him that I thought he was a white woman who posted that status update.

You see it’s like a mother with an unruly child. You know he’s a bad kid yet you take offense when someone points it out to you. It is your child and you will defend him no matter what and deal with him behind closed doors. That is if you care about his pride and your dignity. This is how I felt when I thought it was a white woman criticizing my people. I know too well the dysfunction of my people. But I’m not going to allow anyone to criticize my house.

I am not blaming the “man” for the behavior of my people. We know better, we were taught better. I am currently raising my 9-year-old grandson. He is angry. His short life has been challenging, too much for his mind to understand. He is working my patience and I am often ready to give up. If I do, I will fail this child. So I pray for patience.

So many children have been mentally and emotionally abandoned. It’s not that their parents don’t care about them, they just care more about their own needs. The influx of drugs in our communities is the destruction of our communities. There is a vicious cycle in place. Many of the parents are drug users. Yes weed and alcohol are drugs. The parents rely on these drugs and/or alcohol to satisfy their need to be happy. This is their priority. They will use their public assistance money and food stamps to support their needs. Their rent goes unpaid. The food stamps sold. This is why I agree there should be mandatory drug testing for people applying for public assistance. If they fail put them in mandatory rehab. These children are the ones to suffer and are often left to fend for themselves. At an early age they learn to lie, steal and con to put food in their bellies. They end up hanging on the streets and eventually get adopted by gangs or someone who is going to take advantage of their youth. So this child enters a life of crime. Becoming career thieves, prostitutes and drug dealers. Some even end up selling drugs to their own parents.

These children grow up with grandparents, aunts and uncles who will provide the food clothing and shelter. Their psychic’s are broken and need to be stroked. These guardians especially the grandparents are tired and they just can’t keep up. These children are again emotionally jilted and end up lacking respect for their elders and peers. Sadly they don’t even have respect for themselves either. Therefore they don’t have respect for life. They will kill defenseless animals and humans without a thought. Their careers end in jail or the grave. They aren’t afraid of either. You see these children live nightmares so they don’t have dreams.

Even if these children come from decent God-fearing homes. The parents have to work to provide for the needs of their family. After doing a nine to five they get home and after cooking and cleaning they are exhausted. Their children, more than likely are latch key kids. Left to entertain themselves. No one is there to monitor the their television or music choices. They’re exposed to so much on that box that tells lies to their vision. Violence, sex and drugs.

Our children speak with aggression, their walk is intimidating. They wear their pants hanging down off their ass exposing their underwear. It is gross to look at. More than likely they aren’t going to commit a crime against you. If they do, rest assured they will get caught because they can’t run with their pants falling off. The girls expose so much of their bodies, nothing is left for the imagination.

Our children need to be shown a different kind of life. Where they learn not to lust for material things. Where they learn to respect themselves and others. A life where they know the value of education and appreciate the educational system available to them. They need to be spiritually in tune with nature and/or God.

Our children need to know their history. They need to have pride in our history. To know that our ancestors were kings and queens. They were warriors, explores and inventors that paved the way to the technologies we enjoy today.

I believe the “man” charted the map for us to follow but we are the ones to change the course. We should look at our President with pride because sixty years ago he would have been assassinated with Dr. Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Medgar Evers. Or hung like so many unsung heroes of the time.

Donovan King Cyrus Royall wasn’t one of my Face Book friends. I think he was a friend of one of my friends. However we communicated yesterday evening and I learned that he is a God-fearing young man who walked through the fires of hell and came back to tell about it. He is one of my friends today.

9 thoughts on “Don’t Talk About My People!!

  1. Hi,
    I agree with almost everything you say.

    The one exception I would make is that I disagree with the assertion that weed is as destructive as more addictive drugs. I have been smoking for 35 years and I know that it has had many more benefits than harmful effects. The doctors tell me that the reason 40 years of cigarettes has done so little damage to my lungs is that I smoke Marijuana.

    Marijuana has been shown to be effective in treating a whole plethora of diseases and conditions. The head of the nursing school at a large Chicago hospital did a study in Jamaica where one group of women smoked weed everyday and the other group did not. No other drugs were used by these women (a key point because such a study has not been done in the US. US studies have always disregarded the use of other drugs when used).
    the results were amazing. They expected to find lower birth weigt etc. as US studies have found but were surprized and happy to note that there was no difference between the newborns of the groups.
    The one difference that was noted was not discovered until the children were several years old. The children of the mothers who smoked weed were found to be much more outgoing; communicative; easily approached; relaxed and thoughtful.
    Also; I have never run into anyone who smokes weed that will commit violent crime to get it if they run out; unlike many other drugs. People who only smoke weed are laid back and more likely to sit and veg. or fall asleep than get in fights or committ crimes. It never kept me from caring for my children or from educating them or helping with their homework etc. How you treat your children can not be blamed on a weed habit. I know many folks who smoke weed and have successful; happy children.

    Having said that; I can understand your taking exception to a white person offering criticism of your race.

    I agree that other drugs such as crack; heroine; pills etc. do cause the problems that you describe.

    I also understand that as a black person; you feel you that you do have the right to criticise people of your own race.

    The real problem I have is that I don’t believe that the symptoms that you desribe are that much more prevalent among blacks than white or other races.

    I believe; because of my own life experience as a poor American that what causes these issues is not race; but poverty and disenfranchisement.

    I understand the tendency; even among black Americans; to associate these problems within their own culture with slavery and I am not saying that there is no relationship. I am sure that there is. I agree it has had a lasting and detrimental effect on the way some/many African-Americans view themselves and certainly on the way they believe others see them.

    What I am saying is that all of the problems that you desribe are also true of every race among the poor and disenfranchised. They are not just problems in the black community.
    I believe that these things need to be addressed in all poor communities.

    I refuse to make them a black issue or a latino issue. If we do that; we are doing two things. We are re-enforcing the stereotypes that have been forced on those communities and we are ignoring the same problem among whites.

    What I do think is that we need to address the problem of poverty; in all of our communities; address the problem of disenfranchisement of the poor.

    We should; I believe; stop singling out one race or group as having unique social issues. Even our own.

    The reasons may be different in some ways; (slavery isn’t an issue for whites of course); but disenfranchisement and discrimination because of poverty; poor quality education etc. is very prevalent and when the wealthy look down at us; they feel the same way about poor whites as they do about blacks.

    I have been saying for years that the real issue for them isn’t race.

    Race hatred is just a tool the wealthy use to keep you and I from getting together and fighting back against them.

    They care only for money and about money. And power of course ;we can’t forget that.

    No offense but I don’t believe you shoiuld put anymore faith in a wealthy black man than you do a wealthy white man.

    I will gladly put my faith in a poor black person or a poor white person before I trust the wealthy of any race.

    These problems may be more prevalent among blacks; I really don’t have figures to prove it one way or another but they are not unique to blacks and they are not something that can be solved strictly by black people in their own communities.

    Whatt you suggest is great and will help in the black and white poor communities but ultimately; I believe that only by offering fair wages; fair opportunity; equal education for all people and and above all; learning to stand together as one “race”; called “The Poor and Disenfranchised”; will we solve these parenting and crime and drug issues in all of our communities.

    So don’t be so hard on your people Kimberly; They are not any worse or better or more or less criminal or more or less caring of their children that any other race.

    Slavery was; is a terrible thing that still goes on in our prison systems and other places and the effect on your people is and must be terrible.

    But more than that; for people today; even black people; is the treatment recieved at the hands of these wealthy ; mostly white; people after the official end of slavery.

    I believe the effects of slavery could have been minimised if we (white America) had been able to accept the ex-slaves into the community and offer fair treatment. Instead they allowed the wealthy controllers to drive a wedge between us. To cause us to hate each other instead of hating and fighting back against the real culprits.

    I hope I have not offended ; it is never my intention.

    1. I agree with you on many points. I started smoking herb in the early 70’s up until the early 90’s. I stopped because what was available was tainted. Like you said you smoke, get the munches, veg. then go to sleep. What I was smoking made me nervous, I couldn’t sleep. It was as if I was smoking speed. It didn’t smell like dirt or even like a plant. It was mostly green, so I assumed it was soaked in chemicals. My brother-in-law makes cookies with and promised me some. Still waiting, we live distance away. I have issues with my lungs and no longer smoke. I would love to have some Acapulco Gold, Panama Red or some of that wonderful Thai stick . In Jamaica I’m sure they are picking buds right off the trees. I do believe that the weed has medical properties but what is available on my streets is not good. There aren’t any seeds in it.

      You did not offend me at all. I try not to exercise prejudices. I agree we are of one race and that race is human. To get to where we are truly equal, we have to have honest dialogues. This is the only way to know what’s on each others minds. I’ve written post promoting world peace. My blood flows red just as everyone else. Yes we need to come together. But I also believe we need to clean our own backyards before we go across the street to bar-b-Que in someone else backyard.

      You are right the powers that be likes keeping us separate. I know this is true in my race. I’m mixed my father was white my mother black. I’m light skin I have what black women like to call ‘good hair’. I had nice features growing up. As a young girl I was threatened for no reason except what I looked like. Dark skin girls vs. light skin girls. But it didn’t stop there. We had divisions with other blacks, the Jamaicans and Haitians vs. American blacks. Hell my father’s family disowned my father. I met my cousins only three years ago on FB. I have a brother I never met. He married a black woman and is estranged from my white family. The disease of prejudice is deep but I don’t think it’s incurable.

      I haven’t study sociology. I just write my opinions and I don’t mean to offend anyone. We just survived an election process that brought out the ugliness in humanity. Fear, ego’s, hatred and racism dictated the behavior. I’m sure it will get a whole lot worst then better. I’ve heard many say they hope the president finds the way to bring us together.
      Sorry for taking so long to responds. Sunday and Thursday are the days I enjoy prime time shows. The other nights I usually write a bit or end up in bed early. 9 year old grandsons are a lot of work. God bless you and I look forward for more meetings of the mind. Stay well.

  2. You are truly larger than life girl. I know you are tired and stressed, but your grandson is one of the luckiest kids alive to have you. Your words inspire again and again. 🙂

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