This is Love/Lupus…Life

The Heart ~ By: Charlie-Bowater

A strong heart

flows with the elixir of life

warm currents through veins

streams of oxygen … lungs

clear sharp thoughts … brain

like wings of a butterfly

a strong heart soaring

A heart weak

drips the elixir of death

cold, thick and sticky oozes through veins

lungs strangling … air

fog misting, clouding … brain

like a snarling wolf

a weak heart sleeps

crippling pain. where?


the wolf, the wolf is hungrily

nibbling on the butterfly.

a heart

in the love is strong

the wolf sleep as the butterfly soars

a heart losing love is weak

the wolf awakens the butterfly hurts.

18 thoughts on “This is Love/Lupus…Life

      1. You remind me so much of another friend who suffers. She fights and fights and refuses to let her condition rule her world… I admire you, Kim; you have that same spirit…!

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