The Friday Fictioneer ~ Isaiah 9:6

This is Rochelle’s sixth week hosting Friday Fictioneers – how time has flown.  And another great photo prompt, from Rochelle herself. I am happy that I can add an entry this week. If you haven’t participate why not try this week.


Isaiah 9:6

I walked in a daze among the merry shoppers. Pass the glitter and sparkling lights to the old newsstand, buried between the elegant boutiques.

To purchase the winning lottery ticket, I prayed. I knew it was wrong. As I see it, God owes us. We were humble, we were faithful yet He sent cancer to steal everything, our precious Junior.

Behind the lottery counter a sign read, Isaiah 9:6 ‘Unto us a child is born’.

I realized we are rich with love and blessed to share this final Christmas together. I folded my last dollar to put in my pocket.

37 thoughts on “The Friday Fictioneer ~ Isaiah 9:6

    1. Thank you my sister 🙂 I’m so annoyed with the Christmas commercials and my grandson saying I want that, I want that. Then on the news people trampling and fight each other to spend their hard earn money. Just to be broke in 2013. It’s sicking. I just wanted to remind people what’s important.

    1. Thanks I’m glad. I find all the commercials and the news of people fighting to spend their money is really horrible acts for a season that should be about love, caring and appreciation,

  1. The way you told the story was really powerful..but the story is tough..tough..tough…really very emotional in so few words – a lot of credit to you for that. Very raw though.

  2. Poignant story of a difficult lesson to learn. I liked how you contrasted the elegant shops with the shabby newsstand–perhaps like the lowly manger to staying in an inn.

    You might want to change a few verb tenses in your second paragraph. Everything else is in the past except “To purchase the winning lottery ticket, I pray. I know it’s wrong. But as I see it, God owes us.” “I prayed”, “I knew it was wrong” and “I saw it”and “God owed us.” If adding changing to “I knew it was wrong” puts you over your 100 word count, you could say, “As I saw it…”, leaving out the “But” and still have the same word count. To me the story flows better when all the tenses are in the same tense.

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