Now There is One

Once there were three.
Then there were two.
Now there is one,
and a broken heart too.
There once was laughter
And joy,
disagreements and sorrow.
Now there is only,
hope for tomorrow.

15 thoughts on “Now There is One

  1. The ObamaCrat.Com™ has been nominated for TWO awards by Ms. Silently from the blog “silentlyheardonce” . I am forever grateful to Ms. Silently. Her blog is one of my escape blogs I sneak off to when politics gets kinda thick. Stop by her blog and feel the raw passion of her poetry.

      1. ah I understand..remember the days when the pick up line was “what’s your sign?” my answer to this day is “Murphy’s Law” if it can go wrong it will go wrong..I swear there is a dark cloud over my life and always has been so I know from whence you come! Prayers for you my friend 🙂

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