Lupus is Flaring

another purple butterfly“It’s unfair,” I think selfishly.

Lupus my living opponent,

challenging me,

at inconvenient times.

Crawling in my head.

making me wish I was dead.

Really? No but I do.

It hurts.

Hurts bad.

My back, I hate to stand.

My feet swollen,

The lungs make me cough.

Tight heavy breathes.

Every night charily on his horse visits.

He grabs the nerves in my leg

No particular spot

Charley twists the nerves and wakes me.

I’m not complaining.

I’m really not.

I take sleeping drugs

To have sweet comatose sleep.

So many Lupies are so much worst.

What right do I have to complain.

I just have headaches,

I’m little dizzy and a bit nausea.

Itchy, itchy, itchy

I had a rash all on my chest.

It could have been my face.

I sleep while the TV watches me.

So Doc says, “it sounds like a flare.

I’ll take a gallon of blood and we’ll see.”

I state firmly.

“I’m not going to take steroids, no I’m not!

I’m still trying to lose the last seventy steroid pounds.”

So until I know

what’s going on

I’ll go back to sleep.

I’ve been to the doctors a few times last week. I’ve been tired and having other issues going on. As this poems says the doc thinks it’s a lupus flare. If it is she says she’ll give me a Depo shot. I think that’s what she said.  If it is a flare I guess I’ll be seeing her more often. I’m having issues that’s pointing to my kidneys which I’m praying it’s not. But so is the life of a Lupie. Unpredictable health.  Stress is a trigger just as it is to so many other health issues. As my other blog Just Peanut Nut Butter and Jelly discusses I’ve been stressed for the last few weeks.

The truth of the matter I have been blessed health wise. So many Lupies suffer with a long variety of ailments. So if I have a little flare with no major issues so be it.

I have poems in progress and I plan to make Valentine cards to sell so I’ve been writing  these corny love poems. Ugh! I’ll share soon.

55 thoughts on “Lupus is Flaring

  1. My heart goes out to you as you struggle with Lupus. Someone dear to me has it to. We manage it with the anti malarial drug Chloroquine. It works and you take it ever day. The flares we manage with smallish doses of prednisone – only when it flares. Not many folk know about this approach. It works against the lupus mechanism the same way it works against the malaria. You have to convince your doctor though. Be well.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I take plaquline and cellcept an immuno suppressant drug. My lupus is under control. I have good days and bad days. My struggle is realizing my limitations. I over do and end up in bed for a few days. Your friend is lucky to have someone who cares to take an interest in her treatment.

  2. Sending healing hugs Kim ~ I was so sorry to hear this. You have done a wonderful job of describing all that goes along with a Lupus flare… may it be very short-lived!! Love, Robyn

  3. I am so sorry you are going through this. Lupus is a rather recent autoimmune disorder along with others that were unknown some years back. What’s different? I believe it is GMO, pesticides and compromised food that is poisoning us. Because of my ailments, I dug deep down the rabbit hole and think I have discovered to answer to eliminate just about every disease known to man, as long as the person isn’t too far gone. It’s worth a try…

    Maintain a diet that is more ALKALINE than ACID. You need to learn what is the different between alkaline and acidic foods and go more for the alkaline. Eliminate white sugar, white flour, refined salt, sodas, meats, alcohol and cigarettes as a start from your diet. Eat plenty of fresh green, red and yellow vegetables daily.

    Why an ALKALINE system and diet? Because disease — ALL DISEASE — cannot live in an alkaline body. Every time we eat sugar, flour and the items on an acidic diet, we are FEEDING disease and allowing it to grow. During the holiday there are lots of goodies around, which is why many of us get sick right after end of year holidays.

    To help make your system more alkaline, this simple inexpensive drink taken every single morning before eating (and throughout the day when you feel like it) with protect you:

    2 tbsp APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (health food store)
    1/2 tsp BAKING SODA (Arm ‘N Hammer)
    glass of water

    To learn more…

    Be ready for your doctor to discount any of what I write about. If you want to take charge of your health, you may have to question the drugs the story doctors give you. Wishing you all the best.

    1. My mother suffered with lupus since 1976. At that time there were no drugs to combat it only steriods. They didn’t know what triggered flares as far as supplements and vitamins. Today they now know that people with lupus have an accelerated immune system. So we know to take anything that speeds up the immune system like vitamin C, licorice, echinacea all the things people with weaken immune system would take to fight colds and infections.

      My doctor supports natural home remedies. I’ve eliminated smoking almost five years now. I drink once in a blue moon, which was sighted on Christmas. Which I hold accountable for my flare. I rarely eat red meat. Mostly chicken and fish. Hardly any salt. I try to use honey instead of sugar but I do use sugar and the white flour. I want to try a gluten free diet but i haven’t found the flour. I need to get to a healthfood star. It is my goal to one day becoming a vegan. But it’s a complete 360 eating habit for me.

      I like jucing but it is expensive and time consuming.

      Thank you for your suggestions and I will try the Apple Cider Vinegar drink.

      1. Good for you, Kim. You are doing what you can for your health and are aware. I’m glad your doctor supports natural remedies. I suggest eliminating white sugar and white flour altogether. STEVIA is a perfect natural sweetener (link below). I would eliminate honey as well until you gain control.

        This is the best tasting Stevia I have found yet. This quantity lasts one person 3 months.

  4. That you can still write about it at all is admirable. It sounds so exhausting. Sharing the fires we walk in life helps a lot, I find. Sending love, light and healing your way. I can’t imagine the battle of Lupus. Wishing you less suffering and more healing always.

  5. I know someone (well I did before she ran off and abandoned her daughter) who had lupus, so I know what you are going though.

    I hope you feel better soon.

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