Long Live Winter

Thanks Gully at  Lucid Gypsy for inspiring me today.  She wrote Welcome New Year  Before sharing her wishes for the coming year she paused to moan about the long days of winter ahead.  At the end she couldn’t believe that in a few short months it would be spring and the joy she feels at the thought. The following poem was started from my comment to her post.

As winter nears its end,

sorrow fills my heart.

For the bite of the bitter cold

is a kiss from my true love.

The long dark days

I do embrace.

As spring sneaks in

birds start to sing,

flowers begin to bloom.

I will mourn for my winter fading,

and the comfy and cozy,

long dark days.

No I don’t


those sweltering days.

90 degrees and hotter,

boiling my skin,

And the tempers of others.

Give me my snow, my sweater

And hot chocolate curled in bed

next to the heater.

Can you think of a better reason

why winter would not be,

my true love season.


34 thoughts on “Long Live Winter

  1. Well, one of the reasons, anyway. 😉 (I even used to have a bow tie*.)


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