All Cried Out

where do you go to find peace from the tyranny of an egotist sadistic bitch
who creates a fantasy of love until she tires of the dream turned nightmare
how do you find peace in a place where happiness is naught.
if I had a heart that pumped warm blood it would be broken
but alas my heart is frozen and incapable of feeling emotions

18 thoughts on “All Cried Out

  1. Girl you are speaking my life now, love yourself, you are worthy, when no one else gives a rats behind then you got to look in that mirror and say God made me I AM WORTHY!!! You know you have given your all and loved unconditionally if others cant see that then it is there loss not yours..oh it hurts and hyrts and hurts but slowly as you start to climb from the pit you gotta get tough and say ok I don’t want you in my life it is too toxic. and you have to learn to stand on faith read Gods word read the book of John it is all you need to know Jesus and how much we are loved by him. Kim if I can help shoot me an email with your address please. It won’t be alot but it will be out of love.

    1. Len you are are one of God’s angels. I will be okay. I have family and good friends. I don’t like to ask for help because I’ve always been the one to help others. You know I have faith and I trust God. He will bring me through this and point me in the right directions. I read the bible at night ant it is a comfort. I guess I should read more. πŸ™‚ Thank you for the offer I do appreciate that.

      1. Yes and reject the love given to them and lash out and be mean. Making it hard for anyone to love them thus they don’t learn to love. We recognize love from the love we felt as children and if you weren’t loved then you don’t know love.

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