Enough is Enough

once upon a time
there was a fairytale love
fiercely raging
but atlas that was
once upon a time
dreams were brought
and a life stolen
for fake passion
it was you
you invited me into your world
stole my life
sold me bull shit
it is you
you who knows not
the price of love
you can’t charge visa
you can’t borrow the cost
The fee for love too expensive for you
the price is unconditional
taxed with passion
not fake lust
not selfish I don’t
not even for you
there’s no lay away plan
love me yesterday and
save me for another day
so misunderstood
you crawl in a bottle
living in drunken stupor
I pop a comatose pill
you don’t give
so I hold back
we are strangers
sleeping side by side.
worry not my love
a life time guarantee
not satisfied
return emotions
and lonely nights

15 thoughts on “Enough is Enough

  1. I love the use of economic phrases juxtaposed with words related to love. It just so perfectly sums up the world we live in. For me it’s a poem which skilfully addresses that timeless fight between love and money, that so many writers have explored; you bring to this subject such uncomfortably realistic feelings and every line is an angry whiplash of painful experience on the smooth expensive back of the media spun visions of love we are sold. It’s, as usual, another poem from you that, for me, marks you out as a poet of great skill and a poet with a voice of and for our times.

    1. I really love your comments. I end up high on a cloud all day. This poem like most reflect my feelings. Over the years I learnedly to edit and smooth them out. Thank you so much for your kind words.

  2. You might appreciate this.


    I beg to announce
    I’ve had it with you
    Or rather ‘cos I haven’t
    Not the it I wanted anyway
    Not the one you promised me

    You knew I was looking for
    More than pretty pleases
    Party favours and posies
    A dalliance, a pantomime
    A graceful false pretence

    This orient express of ours has gone west
    I’m afraid and I’m calling a halt
    That’s it, enough already
    I’m ringing the bell and calling time
    Drink up, put your coat on and get out

    I’m done with fooling either of us
    I’m clicking you out of my life
    You’ve pushed all my buttons
    Or at least that’s what you thought
    Well, here’re some you missed

    Pause – “click” … reflect
    Cancel – “click”
    Unfollow – “click”
    Unlike – “click”
    Delete – “click”

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