No Window to Throw it out of

The tears that I said I will no longer cry,
are filling up in my eyes.
I have a place to live, but I’m homeless
I am unwanted and feel hopeless.
My funds are low
I don’t know where to go.
I always took care of me and my family all
Now I find myself backed into a wall
My pressure if climbing high
And I feel like I want to just die
I’m one with too much pride
I put on a front and my feelings I hide.
I pray, I pray, I pray, I pray
Oh God please answer today

19 thoughts on “No Window to Throw it out of

  1. […] No Window to Throw it out of. The powerful words of a truly great poet; one voice and one set of words that could so easily be a chorus of millions in these bad times. The personal is political in hard times and this poet speaks more truly than any politician of our day, in any country in the world. It’s hard to express how this poet always finds a way to touch the emotions of the reader and yet running like thread through every poem is a backbone of strength and resilience, which is the paradoxical essence of  modern human life for most people;  hardship and despair juxtaposed with a gritted teeth determination to not just survive, but to hold the head high. This is why this poet’s writing encapsulates the zeitgeist of both American and world wide day to day struggles for the majority of people. Many more people should read this poetry. […]

  2. Beautifully expressed emotions. I know that it’s a personal poem, but like all great poetry it expresses shared experiences and in that sense you speak for millions on this planet at the current time; which doesn’t make things better for you, but shows that as a poet you can evoke strong feelings in other people, the poet’s talent. For me you not only express your personal situation, but you write so well that the poem’s voice becomes like the ‘everyman’ voice of a Greek tragedy’s chorus, which speaks truths that the audience share. You have a powerful way with words, that’s for sure.

    1. We all feel pain. For me I write what I want to say because I sensitive. I’m not a fighter only in writing. The think with me I shake off the hurt just as quickly as it stings me. Again your comments touch me.

      1. I am praying that it wwill work at for the both of you. He has a loving stable home with you I think the judge will see thaat and leave him where he has those things. pray pray pray!!!

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