My Experiment with Flarf

Flarf   a new form of poetry I  shared with me by Charlie Zero 1.   Read here Flarf poem here:

It’s a little bit different and hardcore.  I think my version is kind of soft but there are a few naughty words, So readers beware.

I don’t give a shit about mayhem
I’m riding with Allstate
I’ll be strutting like that sexy bitch
be doing on Scandals
you’ll be ill looking for Macdreamy
but your rare disease needs House
my funk clings like marshmallow fluff
and orbit gum in your funky weave
you can flip me, toss me and I won’t stick like crazy glue
I got swag I got charisma like the 44 POTUS
Style and grace like the FLOTUS
fuck with me and I’ll slice and dice with a Ginsu knife
I got a steel door from Home Depot
I’m opening it wide
I’ll be sagging
making it easy for you to kiss
my Honey Boo Boo ass
then you can wipe that cake boss fondant special
off your Cover Girl needing face

18 thoughts on “My Experiment with Flarf

  1. hahahaha!!! I love this side of your….You experimented with the use of “Flarf” and “Romance” which made it an even unique style of your writing. I dig this so much…You should experiment it more with other types of genre. Flarf mix with love flarf mix with beer and sex. 🙂

    Two-thumbs way up! for this Excellent Flarf poem. 🙂

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